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Установка Oracle 10g под Linux

02.11.2004 10:17

Вышло три статьи по установке Oracle 10g под Linux:

  • "Oracle 10g installation on RHEL AS 3,Red Hat FC 2 and 1" краткое пошаговое руководство от Boris Derzhavets;

  • "Installing Oracle Database 10g on Linux x86" - развернутое фирменное руководство на сайте Рассматривается установка под Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1, 3 и Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8;

  • "Installing Oracle Database 10g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 and 2.1, Red Hat 9, and on Red Hat Fedora Core 1", кстати на сайте много статей посвященных использованию Oracle под Linux.

    Так же вышли статьи про оптимизацию в Oracle 9i: "Oracle first_rows optimization improvements" и "Overview of the Database Performance-improvement Process".

    Статьи по администрированию: "The new Oracle10g Wait Event Tables" и Recovery Made Simple: Oracle Flashback Query'.

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  • 1, Dmitry (??), 09:19, 03/11/2004 [ответить]  
  • +/
    It's not an installation guide. Boris just described tuning of Oracle's shell environment
    per  Werner Puschitz  and warn about serious  mistakes in articles at
    Following review :-
    might  be interesting as well . It’s highlighting   ASM feature of Oracle10g
    "Oracleasm" installation ,based on rpm’s download from OTN, requires RHEL AS/ES 3 Update 2 (Kernel 2.4.21-15.EL).RHEL AS/ES 3 Update 3 (Kernel 2.4.21-20.EL) environment will cause
    "oracleasm.o" failure  to load.
    # modprobe oracleasm.o
    reports, that module was compiled with 2.4.21-15.EL kernel
  • 2, Dmitry (??), 12:35, 04/11/2004 [ответить]  
  • +/
    Improving bad HTML in previous message:-
    ---------------- Errors --------------------------
    It’s highlighting   ASM feature of Oracle10g
    "Oracleasm" installation ,based on rpm’....
    ----------------- Should be ---------------------
    It is highlighting ASM feature of Oracle10g
    "Oracleasm" installation ,based on rpms download
    from OTN,......
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