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Обобщенный отчет за 15 августа 2018 г.

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    Группа: Русскоязычные блоги

    - K4DirStat (KDE Directory Statistics)


    - QDirStat

    - Squid 5: make things faster - part 1

    - Права доступа к файлам и команда chmod в Linux

    - Установка Archlinux c полным шифрованием системы и LVM на LUKS

    Группа: Программирование и web-технологии

    - Webinar Tues 8/14: Amazon Migration Service: The Magic Wand to Migrate Away from Your Proprietary Environment to MySQL


    - Tuning Autovacuum in PostgreSQL and Autovacuum Internals


    - How to Change Settings for PMM Deployed via Docker


    - Open Source Database Community Blog: The Story So Far

    - Welcome Amy Keating, our incoming General Counsel

    - Welcome Amy Keating, our incoming General Counsel

    - DOU Ревизор в Grammarly: Новый офис с 90-метровым подвесным мостом


    - Зачем IT-компании ценности и как их сразу не забросить

    Группа: BSD

    - Kernel Address Sanitizer, Part 3

    OpenBSD Journal

    - Theo on the latest Intel issues

    Группа: Linux

    - FreeBSD 12.0 Alpha Hits The Web


    - Software: HTTP Stuff, Blender, Browsh, Chronos Timetracker and DaVinci Resolve 15


    - Linux 4.19 Work and Linux Foundation Expansion


    - Games: Invisible Inc, BATTLETECH, Blood will be Spilled


    - Run a Linux Terminal on Cheap E-Ink Displays


    - Akademy Report and Final GSoC Reports


    - Security: Reproducible Builds, Firefox, Homebrew, Updates and MacOS


    - Openwashing: IOHK, Hazelcast, Amazon


    - Git Basics - Git Series Part 1


    - Games: Banner Saga, Reynard, Ellen, TANGLEWOOD, Moonlighter and Steam


    - Linux 4.19 (Next Release) Developments


    - Latest Speculative Execution 'Bug' (Chip Defect)


    - Mozilla: Rustfmt 1.0, Amy Keating Joins as General Counsel, Extension APIs and L10N Report


    - Graphics: Libinput 1.12 RC2, xf86-video-v4l v0.3.0, Intel DRM Driver and RADV Vulkan Driver


    - Kernel: NSA Code/Algorithm in Linux, Performance Superiority Over Windows, and Linux Foundation News


    - Microsoft Openwashing and Infiltration Tactics


    - Debian GNU/Linux project to mark 25th birthday on Thursday


    - 5 of the Best Linux Educational Software and Games for Kids


    - Security:, Adobe, Apple and Instagram


    - Kernel: Linux 4.19 and Vega 20 PowerPlay


    - Flock 2018 Reports


    - 'Foreshadow' Coverage


    - Amiga Enthusiast Gets Quake Running On Killer NIC PowerPC CPU Core


    - New Devices With Defective Intel Chips and Linux Support


    - Happy birthday, GNOME: 8 reasons to love this Linux desktop


    - Today in Techrights


    - Get Fresh Wallpaper Everyday Using Variety in Ubuntu/Linux

    - Dropbox Ending Sync Support for Uncommon Filesystems, Google Tracks Your Location, NVIDIA Unveils Its First Turing Archi


    - From the Vault: Quick and Dirty SSH Tunneling


    - FOSS Software Alternatives to Popular Proprietary Software


    - Shuffling Letters and Words

    - How To Install Asterisk on CentOS 7


    - HTTP request routing and validation with gorilla/mux


    - 5 of the Best Linux Educational Software and Games for Kids


    - Dropbox plans to drop encrypted Linux filesystems in November


    - How to Disable SELinux on CentOS 7


    - Automating backups on a Raspberry Pi NAS


    - How to set the Gnome Default Terminal Emulator on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


    - Why Isn't Blockchain Technology Adoption Soaring?


    - EPIC board boasts 4x GbE ports and PCIe x4


    - How to Install Prometheus and node_exporter on CentOS 7


    - Git Basics - Git Series Part 1


    - Linux 4.18 arrives fashionably late while Zorin OS shines up its Windows


    - Three More Intel Chip Exploits Surface


    - Welcome Amy Keating, our incoming General Counsel


    - Dropbox Ending Sync Support for Uncommon Filesystems, Google Tracks Your Location, NVIDIA Unveils Its First Turing Archi


    - Git Quick Start Guide


    - 11-year-old shows itБ─≥s childБ─≥s play to mess with elections

    - Diversity Empowerment Summit Highlights Importance of Allies


    - 4 Tips for Successful Remote 1-1s


    - Julia 1.0 Release Opens the Doors for a Connected World


    - A Quick Reminder on HTTPS Everywhere

    Группа: Блог планеты

    - Interview with Adam Culp - Voices of the ElePHPant

    Группа: Обновление ПО

    - 08/14 ImageMagick 7.0.8-10


    - 08/14 openssl 1.1.0i


    - 08/14 samba 4.8.4


    - 08/14 qemu 3.0.0


    - 08/14 VirtualBox 5.2.18

    Группа: Top sites

    - Get an Introduction to Working with the Xen Project Hypervisor and More at Open Source Summit #OSSummit

    - Big CIFS/SMB3 Improvements Head To Linux 4.19


    - There's A Lot Of New Sound Hardware Support Playing In Linux 4.19


    - Intel Publishes New DRM Driver For Their Arria 10 FPGA System


    - A Lot Of Spectre Changes Land In The Linux 4.19 Git Tree, Possible Performance Impact


    - L1 Terminal Fault - The Latest Speculative Execution Side Channel Attack


    - Libinput 1.12 RC2 Continues Working On Improving Linux Touchpad Behavior


    - xf86-video-v4l X.Org Driver Sees First New Release In A Decade


    - Power Management Updates Land In The Linux 4.19 Kernel


    - Updated Vega 20 Open-Source Driver Patches Posted, Including PSP & PowerPlay Support


    - The Big Networking Update Sent In For Linux 4.19, Including 802.11ax Bits


    - CodeWeavers Joins The Khronos Group Along With IKEA


    - The Linux Benchmarking Continues On The Threadripper 2950X & 2990WX


    - DRM Updates Sent In For Linux 4.19 With New VKMS Driver, Intel Icelake Work


    - 64-bit ARM Changes For Linux 4.19 Has "A Bunch Of Good Stuff"


    - QEMU 3.0 Brings Spectre V4 Mitigation, OpenGL ES Support In SDL Front-End


    - An Early Look At The L1 Terminal Fault "L1TF" Performance Impact On Virtual Machines

    - Why use an FPGA instead of a CPU or GPU?


    - NVIDIA reveals next-gen Turing GPU architecture


    - Why Apple had a secret meeting with app developers


    - Inside the iPhone repair ecosystem

    - [$] Meltdown strikes back: the L1 terminal fault vulnerability


    - [$] CVE-2018-5390 and "embargoes"

    - Akademy 2018 Tuesday BoF Wrapup

    Группа: Русскоязычные системы
    OpenNews mini

    - Обновление Samba 4.8.4, 4.7.9 и 4.6.16 с устранением уязвимостей


    - Новый стабильный релиз открытой биллинговой системы Ubilling 0.9.1


    - Релиз системы виртуализации VirtualBox 5.2.18


    - L1TF - три новые уязвимости в механизме спекулятивного выполнения CPU Intel


    - 47 уязвимостей в Android-прошивках и новый вид атак Man-in-the-Disk


    - Релиз эмулятора QEMU 3.0


    - Выявлен ещё один метод удалённой DoS-атаки на ядро Linux и FreeBSD

    Группа: Общие русские новости

    - Как подключить обычную SIM-карту вместо eSIM


    - Роспотребнадзор опубликовал рекомендации по защите ПД


    - Мошенники похитили у ФСС порядка 70 млн рублей


    - Стали известны самые популярные среди хакеров регионы РФ


    - Microsoft исправила две уязвимости нулевого дня


    - Атака VORACLE позволяет восстановить данные HTTP из VPN-подключений


    - В процессорах Intel обнаружены три уязвимости класса Spectre


    - Представлен новый метод повышения безопасности ПО на стадии разработки


    - Персональные данные омичей гоняет ветер по улицам


    - Страны БРИКС подписали соглашение о создании объединенной киберполиции

    Группа: Безопасность
    FreeBSD VuXML

    - wpa_supplicant -- unauthenticated encrypted EAPOL-Key data

    - Vuln: Adobe Flash Player CVE-2018-12828 Unspecified Privilege Escalation Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Adobe Experience Manager CVE-2018-5005 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability


    - Vuln: OpenSSL CVE-2018-0732 Denial of Service Vulnerability


    - Vuln: OpenSSL CVE-2018-0737 Side Channel Attack Information Disclosure Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Multiple Intel Processors Side Channel Attack Multiple Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities


    - Vuln: Samba CVE-2018-1139 Remote Security Bypass Vulnerability


    - Vuln: NTP CVE-2018-12327 Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability


    - Vuln: NTP CVE-2016-1549 Remote Security Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Multiple SAP Products Multiple Unspecified Security Vulnerabilities


    - Vuln: NTP CVE-2018-7183 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability


    - Vuln: NTP CVE-2018-7185 Denial of Service Vulnerability


    - Vuln: NTP CVE-2018-7184 Denial of Service Vulnerability


    - Vuln: NTP CVE-2018-7170 Incomplete Fix Remote Security Vulnerability

    - NHS Patient Data at Risk from Historic Breach: Report


    - 11-year-old hacker changes election results


    - New ransomware arrives with a hidden feature that hints at more sophisticated attacks to come


    - Debian: DSA-4271-1: samba security update


    - Fedora 28: php-zendframework-zend-http Security Update


    - Fedora 28: php-zendframework-zend-feed Security Update


    - Fedora 28: cgit Security Update


    - Fedora 28: python2-django1.11 Security Update


    - Fedora 28: firefox Security Update


    - Ubuntu 0042-1: Linux kernel vulnerability


    - Ubuntu 3741-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities


    - Ubuntu 3742-2: Linux kernel (Trusty HWE) vulnerabilities


    - Ubuntu 3741-2: Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities


    - Ubuntu 3742-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities


    - Ubuntu 3740-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities


    - Ubuntu 3740-2: Linux kernel (HWE) vulnerabilities


    - Slackware: 2018-226-01: openssl Security Update


    - CentOS: CESA-2018-2390: Important CentOS 6 kernel


    - CentOS: CESA-2018-2384: Important CentOS 7 kernel


    - RedHat: RHSA-2018-2419:01 Important: Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite 6.4.11


    - RedHat: RHSA-2018-2420:01 Important: Red Hat JBoss BRMS 6.4.11 security


    - Hackers Target Instagram, Users Blame Russia


    - Washington Man Sentenced in Ransomware Conspiracy


    - Election Websites, Backend Systems Most at Risk of Cyberattack in Midterms

    - FreeBSD-SA-18:09.l1tf


    - FreeBSD-SA-18:10.ip


    - FreeBSD-SA-18:11.hostapd

    Группа: none

    - Greetings in the name of God, Business proposal in God we trust


    - samples don't build on v4.18


    - Donation


    - KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in _autofs_dev_ioctl


    - Undefined reference to `l1tf_vmx_mitigation' without CONFIG_KVM_INTEL


    - [RFC] dmaengine: Add metadata_ops for dma_async_tx_descriptor


    - UAE based Flexible low interest rate of 2.5% ROI per annually.


    - Crypto Update for 4.19

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