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"Job offer: Quantitative Developer  London, Spain"
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"Job offer: Quantitative Developer  London, Spain"  +/
Сообщение от MEG Analytics (ok), 22-Сен-21, 14:06 
Job offer: Quantitative Developer  London, Spain

MEG Analytics is a technology company specializing in trading, risk analytics and artificial intelligence software. The core business of MEG Analytics is providing custom and bespoke analytics solutions to leading financial organisations.
Our research centre MEG Labs based in London, UK focuses on exploring current of expertise and creating our own products and intellectual industry-platforms. As a Python Quantitative Developer at MEG Analytics, you will be working on producing bespoke software solutions and risk analytics for our financial clients based on one of the industry leading trading software.

Your Role:
You will first receive a training course for Front Arena trading platform alongside financial and quantitative skills. Afterwards you will be responsible for developing solutions and risk analytics for our financial clients.
About you:

You are a talented engineer (student) who is addicted to complex problems and analytical mindset. Your required qualifications and experience include:

Strong Python development experience
Strong mathematical skills
Basic knowledge of financial products and valuation
Analytical mindset
Good knowledge of English
Would be a plus:
Financial and risk management background
Previous experience with trading and risk management systems
What we offer:

Open and flexible work environment
Remote work
Possibility to build up and lead a new team
Development own unique products that are loved by world top companies
Great colleagues and open atmosphere

Please send you CV to, if interested.

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