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6. Help! (sigh)

Well, you need help - isn't :) ... hmm .. i could be sarcastic and just say "you could better do it again, 'coz it looks a messy enuf" - or .. i could help ... - I wrote down some common problems - IF you got any problem NOT listed in this HOWTO (section) - then mail me - and i'll put it in this howto even with your name/email addr in it :). **BEFORE** mailing to me - please look if you didn't forgot anything - and IF you want some help from me - send me the MOST DETAILED information - included the scripts & things you needed. i DON'T need any binaries - since i won't run them.

6.1 The automation script just doesn't work:

6.2 What do you mean by "anonymous mailserver"?

6.3 My cat died

6.4 My dog died

6.5 Linux?

6.6 Can you help me with finding a mail account?

6.7 Why is the "maybe later i'll make some addition ..." removed ?

6.8 How do i get a "domain" ?

6.9 Why are you so f*cking lame using this?

6.10 Nosuchuserfile?

6.11 Can my users write/send mail too?

6.12 Does every user need a shell account at my server?

6.13 skeletion?

6.14 Addmail?

6.15 Why are you so cruel?

6.16 Didn't you get a complaint of excessive language ?

6.17 Why is this howto different than most others?

6.18 locally my domain works, but remote it seems not to receive

6.19 My dog died

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