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5. Automation

Well, now, everything above works ... (if it doesn't work - don't even think about automation before it WILL work ... - now - we need some script so it isn't a pain in the ass for the "mailadministrator" or the root user to add users to the procmailrc file ... The below example will be for "more experienced users" - since some things NEED to be changed as well ... - it is an example with the "B method - Subject lines". It can be easily adapted to the "A method". Since the "B method" will be more used (cheaper) than the "A" method - i decided to use the "B method" ... Am i sounding repetitive or not ? .. well - i meant to write it in this way :)) to bug you :)))..

5.1 The "skeleton".

Since the footer needs to be as footer (everything below won't be processed since we are bouncing there); there needs to be a header and a footer file.

the ".procmailrc-header" file

This file will now be the "header & user" file .. since here will users been added and removed - it will be a important file ... - best take a backup from it each time you add a user ... - there COULD be something wrong sometime .. A system can fail ...

(*** < file > *** text ***) .procmailrc-header

:0 c

* ^To:.*
! freaker

* ^Subject:.root
! root

* ^Subject:.barbara
! barbara

* ^Subject:.paul
! paul@his.personal.emailaddress

:0 c
* ^Subject:.john
! john@his.personal.emailaddress

* ^Subject:.john
! john

* ^From:.*
! freaker


the .procmailrc-footer file ..

As mentioned above, this file needs to be as footer - since all data BELOW it won't be used to deliver - this footer contains the "bounce" code to bounce the users not found *ABOVE* this footer !. it is the ABSOLUTE end of the file !

(*** < file > *** text ***) .procmailrc-footer

  |(/usr/bin/formail -r -k \
     -A"X-loop: mailservice@mydomain.dom "| \
       /usr/bin/gawk '{print }\
       /^/ && !HEADER \
         { system("/bin/cat nosuchuser"); \
         print"--" ;\
         HEADER=1 }' ) |\
         /usr/bin/sendmail -t


5.2 addmail script

This script will add a user to the header file, attach the header & footer to eachother - so it will be a complete .procmailrc file. the "#" (comments) are not really needed - and are for your info :).

(*** < file > *** code ***) addmail (* chmod 500 *)

# Copyright (c)1997 by Gunther Voet. rev 1.0.1
# please leave the Copyright in it when it is distributed with any
# system using this thingy ...

echo ""
echo "Addmail v1.0.1 by Gunther Voet, Freaker / TuC'97-98 (21/04/97)"
echo ""

if [ $1 ]; then

        if [ $2 ]; then

# make a backup file !        
        cp /home/mailserv/.procmailrc-header /home/mailserv/.procmailrc-backup
# APPEND (>>) the information to the header file ...        

        echo ":0" >> /home/mailserv/.procmailrc-header
        echo "* ^Subject:.$1" >> /home/mailserv/.procmailrc-header
        echo "! $2" >> /home/mailserv/.procmailrc-header
        echo "" >> /home/mailserv/.procmailrc-header

# copy the header file to .procmailrc - and append the footer file to it !

        cat /home/mailserv/.procmailrc-header > /home/mailserv/.procmailrc
        cat /home/mailserv/.procmailrc-footer >> /home/mailserv/.procmailrc

# make sure it is owned by "mailserv" and the read/write priveleges are ONLY
# for the user "mailserv" itself ...

        chown mailserv /home/mailserv/.procmailrc
        chgrp users /home/mailserv/.procmailrc
        chmod 600 /home/mailserv/.procmailrc
        echo "No DESTINATION mail address has been given ..."

        echo "usage:"
        echo ""
        echo "syntax:  addmail from_user to_user(domain)"
        echo ""
        echo "example: addmail freaker freaker@myemail.dom"
        echo ""

Now, this script will append the information of the user, as well the email address to the header file, it will copy it to the .procmailrc file, and will add the footer to it, so you got a complete .procmailrc to process the mail. If you want to delete a user- just edit the .procmailrc-header file, and at the next user added it will be deleted at the .procmailrc. To do a instant delete, just delete the user from both the files .procmailrc & .procmailrc- header.

I guess you are smart enough to write a script that'll automatically add your users when using both methods - when doing a "adduser" at your box.

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