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Chapter 28. Setting up a PPP server

Table of Contents
28.1. Kernel compilation
28.2. Overview of the server system
28.3. Getting the software together
28.4. Setting up standard (shell access) dialup.
28.5. Setting up the PPP options files
28.6. Setting pppd up to allow users to (successfully) run it
28.7. Setting up the global alias for pppd

As already mentioned, there are many ways to do this. What I present here is the way I do it, (using a Cyclades multi-port serial card), and a rotary dial in set of telephone lines.

If you don't like the method I present here, please feel free to go your own way. I would however, be pleased to include additional methods in future versions of the HOWTO. So, please send me your comments and methods!

Please note, this section only concerns setting up Linux as a PPP server. I do not (ever) intend to include information on setting up special terminal servers and such.

Also, I have yet to experiment with shadow passwords (but will be doing so sometime). Information currently presented does NOT therefore include any bells and whistles that are required by the shadow suite.

28.1. Kernel compilation

All the earlier comments regarding kernel compilation and kernel versions versus pppd versions apply. This section assumes that you have read the earlier sections of this document!

For a PPP server, you MUST include IP forwarding in your kernel. You may also wish to include other capabilities (such as IP fire walls, accounting etc etc).

If you are using a multi-port serial card, then you must obviously include the necessary drivers in your kernel too!

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