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Chapter 9. Overview of what has to be done to get PPP working as a client

Table of Contents
9.1. Obtaining/Installing the software
9.2. Compiling PPP support into the kernel
9.3. Obtaining information from your ISP
9.4. Configuring your modem and serial port
9.5. Setting up Name to Address Resolution (DNS)
9.6. PPP and root Privileges
9.7. Checking your distribution PPP Files and setting up the PPP Options
9.8. If your PPP server uses PAP (Password Authentication Protocol)
9.9. Connecting to the PPP server by hand
9.10. Automating your PPP Connection
9.11. Shutting down the link
9.12. If you have problems
9.13. After the link comes up
9.14. Problems with standard IP services on a Dynamic IP number PPP link
9.15. Maintaining a permanent connection to the net with pppd.

This document contains a great deal of information - and with each version it grows!

As a consequence, this section aims to provide a concise overview of the actions you will need to take to get your Linux system connected as a client to a PPP server.

9.1. Obtaining/Installing the software

If your Linux distribution does not include the PPP software, you will need to obtain this from the Linux PPP daemon.

Select the latest possible version(2.4.0 at the time of this writing.)

The PPP package contains instructions on how to compile and install the software so this HOWTO does not!

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