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Chapter 4. Aims of this Document

Table of Contents
4.1. Setting up a PPP Client
4.2. Linking two LANs or a LAN to the Internet using PPP
4.3. Using intuitive configuration tools to set up PPP
4.4. Setting up a PPP server
4.5. Using PPP over a direct null modem connection
4.6. This document at present does NOT cover...

4.1. Setting up a PPP Client

This document provides guidance to people who wish to use Linux and PPP to dial into a PPP server and set up an IP connection using PPP. It assumes that PPP has been compiled and installed on your Linux machine (but does briefly cover reconfiguring/recompiling your kernel to include PPP support).

Whilst DIP (the standard way of creating a SLIP connection) can be used to set up a PPP connection, DIP scripts are generally quite complex. For this reason, this document does NOT cover using DIP to set up a PPP connection.

Instead, this document describes the standard Linux PPP software (chat/pppd).

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