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5. Cyrus SASL

5.1 Uncompress

Here we untar and gunzip the file in a single step.

  1. cd /temp
  2. tar -zxvf cyrus-sasl-X.X.X.tar.gz
  3. cd cyrus-sasl-X.X.X

5.2 Building the files

For most purposes, the following set of instructions works fine. If you would like to examine the other configuration options, type ./configure --help | more

  1. ./configure
  2. make
  3. make install

If you don't want your password check to be the default sasldb, you must specify which one of PAM, kerberos_v4, passwd, shadow you wish to use. If PAM is the authentication you desire for example, you would type:

./configure --with-pwcheck_method=PAM

instead of the ./configure line above

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