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4. Different SASL Authentication Methods

4.1 sasldb

This is the default method of authentication. It stores usernames and passwords in the SASL secrets file sasldb. In this HOWTO, I assume you are using the sasldb method of authentication.

4.2 LDAP

The following definition came from the OpenLDAP website. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an open-standard protocol for accessing information services. The protocol runs over Internet transport protocols, such as TCP, and can be used to access stand-alone directory servers or X.500 directories. This method isn't discussed in this HOWTO, but here is a link to a page with patches and info:

4.3 PAM

Not enough info to document. Email me if you have some.

4.4 kerberos_v4

Not enough info to document. Email me if you have some.

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