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Conexant/Rockwell modem HOWTO

Imran Ghory


Revision History
Revision 1.32002-03-12Revised by: ig
Updated to deal with new HCF driver.
Revision 1.22002-02-21Revised by: ig
Updated to deal with new HSF driver and release date for HCF driver.
Revision 1.02001-09-09Revised by: ig
Added entries to the FAQ, corrected grammatical errors, and update a URL.
Revision 0.92001-08-01Revised by: ig
Initial release.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose of the howto
1.2. About the howto
1.3. Feedback
1.4. License
1.5. Acknowledgments
1.6. Getting Help
2. Quick Start guide
2.1. Quick Starting with an HCF modem
3. Identifying your modem type
4. HCF chipset based modems
4.1. History
4.2. Miscellaneous information
5. HSF
5.1. History
5.2. Kernel 2.2.14 - 18
5.3. Kernel 2.4.*
5.4. Troubleshooting FAQ
A. License
.1. GNU Free Documentation License

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