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4.2. Configuring Windows NT

Configuring Windows NT to act as a LAN resource is also relatively straightforward. The procedures for configuring Windows NT are similar to Windows 95 with minor exceptions in the user interface.

The steps shown here are appropriate for a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, but the principles are the same for NT 3.5x. You may wish to refer to the "Configuring Windows for Workgroups" section if you're configuring Windows NT 3.5x, since the user interface is the same for NT 3.5 and WfW.

Perform the following steps:

Create the Windows NT "hosts" file:

In order to connect to the other TCP/IP systems on the LAN you'll need to create an identical copy of the "hosts" file that you installed on the FreeBSD system in Section 3.4

Configure the Windows NT TCP/IP Network Configuation settings:

Configuring the IP Address:

Make sure that the Ethernet Interface is shown in the "Adapter" box; if not, scroll through the list of adapters until the correct interface is shown.

Configure the Gateway information:

For our example network the FreeBSD box will be acting as our gateway to the Internet (routing packets between the Ethernet LAN and the PPP dial-up connection.

Configuring DNS:

Again, this guide assumes that your Internet Service Provider has given you a list of Domain Name Servers (or "DNS Servers") that you should use.

If you wish to run a DNS server on your local FreeBSD system, refer to Section 6, "Exercise for the Interested Student" for tips on setting up DNS on your FreeBSD system.

Other Windows NT TCP/IP options:

For our purposes the settings under the "WINS Address" and "Routing" tabs are not used.

If you wish to use the Windows Internet Naming Service ("WINS") your attention is invited to for more information about WINS settings, specifically regarding sharing files transparently across the Internet.

Mopping up:

That's it!

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