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Chapter 4. Configuring Windows Systems

Table of Contents
4.1. Configuring Windows 95
4.2. Configuring Windows NT
4.3. Configuring Windows for Workgroups

As indicated in Section 1, our example network consists of a FreeBSD system ("Curly") which acts as a gateway (or router) between a Local Area Network consisting of two different flavors of Windows Workstations. In order for the LAN nodes to use Curly as a router they need to be properly configured. Note that this section does not explain how to configure the Windows workstations for Dial-Up networking. If you need a good explanation of that procedure, I recommend

4.1. Configuring Windows 95

Configuring Windows 95 to act as an attached resource on your LAN is relatively simple. The Windows 95 network configuration must be slightly modified to use the FreeBSD system as the default gateway to the ISP. Perform the following steps:

Create the Windows 95 "hosts" file:

In order to connect to the other TCP/IP systems on the LAN you'll need to create an identical copy of the "hosts" file that you installed on the FreeBSD system in Section 2.4.

Configure the Windows 95 TCP/IP Network Configuation settings:

Configure the IP Address Information:

Configure the Gateway information:

Configure the DNS Information:

This guide assumes that your Internet Service Provider has given you a list of Domain Name Servers (or "DNS Servers") that you should use. If you wish to run a DNS server on your local FreeBSD system, refer to Section 6, "Exercise for the Interested Student" for tips on setting up DNS on your FreeBSD system.

Other Windows 95 TCP/IP options:

For our purposes the settings under the "Advanced", "WINS Configuration" and "Bindings" tabs are not necessary.

If you wish to use the Windows Internet Naming Service ("WINS") your attention is invited to for more information about WINS settings, specifically regarding sharing files transparently across the Internet.

Mopping up:

That's it!

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