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Chapter 3. Configuring the PPP Dial-Out Connection

Table of Contents
3.1. Backing up the original PPP configuration files
3.2. Create your own PPP configuration files
3.3. IP Aliasing

There are two basic modes of operation of the ppp driver: "Interactive" and "Automatic".

In Interactive mode you:

In Automatic mode, the PPP program silently watches what goes on inside the FreeBSD system and automagically connects and disconnects with your ISP as required to make the Internet a seamless element of your network.

In this section we'll address the configuration(s) for both modes with emphasis on configuring your `ppp` environment to operate in "Automatic" mode.

3.1. Backing up the original PPP configuration files

Note: More recent versions of FreeBSD have the examples files in /usr/share/examples/ppp, so this step may not be necessary.

Before making any changes to the files which are used by PPP you should make a copy of the default files that were created when the FreeBSD system was installed.

Log in as the 'root' user and perform the following steps:

Change to the '/etc directory:

# cd /etc

Make a backup copy the original files in the 'ppp' directory:

# cp -R ppp ppp.ORIGINAL

You should now be able to see both a 'ppp' and a 'ppp.ORIGINAL' subdirectory in the '/etc' directory.

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