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Chapter 1. Overview

Table of Contents
1.1. The FreeBSD Documentation Set
1.2. Before you start

Welcome to the FreeBSD Documentation Project. Good quality documentation is very important to the success of FreeBSD, and the FreeBSD Documentation Project (FDP) is how a lot of that documentation is produced. Your contributions are very valuable.

This document's main purpose is to clearly explain how the FDP is organised, how to write and submit documentation to the FDP, and how to effectively use the tools available to you when writing documentation.

Every one is welcome to join the FDP. There is no minimum membership requirement, no quota of documentation you need to produce per month. All you need to do is subscribe to the mailing list.

After you have finished reading this document you should:

1.1. The FreeBSD Documentation Set

The FDP is responsible for four categories of FreeBSD documentation.

Manual pages

The English language system manual pages are not written by the FDP, as they are part of the base system. However, the FDP can (and has) re-worded parts of existing manual pages to make them clearer, or to correct inaccuracies.

The translation teams are responsible for translating the system manual pages in to different languages. These translations are kept within the FDP.


The FAQ aims to address (in short question and answer format) questions that are asked, or should be asked, on the various mailing lists and newsgroups devoted to FreeBSD. The format does not permit long and comprehensive answers.


The Handbook aims to be the comprehensive on-line resource and reference for FreeBSD users.

Web site

This is the main FreeBSD presence on the World Wide Web, visible at and many mirrors around the world. The web site is many people's first exposure to FreeBSD.

These four groups of documentation are all available in the FreeBSD CVS tree. This means that the logs of changes to these files are visible to anyone, and anyone can use a program such as CVSup or CTM to keep local copies of this documentation.

In addition, many people have written tutorials or other web sites relating to FreeBSD. Some of these are stored in the CVS repository as well (where the author has agreed to this). In other cases the author has decided to keep his documentation separate from the main FreeBSD repository. The FDP endeavours to provide links to as much of this documentation as possible.

For questions about FreeBSD, e-mail <>.
For questions about this documentation, e-mail <>.

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