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6. The Procedure

NOTE: This procedure has been written keeping in mind RedHat Linux 6.0 Although this procedure in general is applicable for all Linux distributions, the details may vary. You are welcome to add the details for your distribution. Many users will already have a swap partition devoted to Linux. I assume you have one.

6.1 Turn off swapping and create a DOS partition

6.2 Tell Windows the location of the new swap file

For Windows 3.1 users

For Windows 95/98 users

>From this stage onwards, Windows will assume that it's swap file is on drive X:. So the drive X: must be intact each time you boot Windows. If you are using some additional system utilities like Norton Utilities for Windows 95, then you should probably consult the online help or the manuals to keep them informed of the changes in the settings, otherwise they may come out with an error message.

6.3 Back up the Total Special Sectors

6.4 Modify the initialization and shutdown scripts to handle our new configuration

6.5 Reenable swapping

Uncomment the line in /etc/fstab that you commented earlier. (Not really necessary, since we now do not refer to fstab for swap partitions). Reboot Linux. You should now have swapping on the new swap device.

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