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Partition-Rescue HOWTO

Jean-Daniel Dodin

Revision History
Revision v3.42002-08-22Revised by: jdd
Minor update related only with docbook
Revision v3.32001-11-17Revised by: jdd
Minor update - docbook & revision history - emacs use.
Revision v3.22001-09-25Revised by: jdd
Major update.

Table of Contents
1. Beginning
1.1. What's in
1.2. What to do right now═?
1.3. Legal stuff
1.4. What do I must know right now?
2. Technical info
2.1. Disks
2.2. Partitions
2.3. Why is there a problem═?
3. Solving the problem
3.1. The simpler case
3.2. A not so simple case
3.3. The rich man case
4. References
4.1. Authors
4.2. Most recent version

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