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1. Notes by the author (preface).

In this chapter i'm just going to put myself safe for any damages and flames - since even *I* could be wrong ... If you got any questions or suggestions to add to this faq, even if you find any faults - there is a feedback section in it ...

Some "need to know" point is, all filenames & files/types are indicated with the line:

(*** < file > *** text ***) .procmailrc

This means, this is a file, called ".procmailrc" containing text. The text variable can also be code. It shows you what name of file to use. Without a path means it can be variable/choosen by you (in the most cases this files resists in the homedirectory of the mail"user" like /home/mailer).

1.1 Legal stuff

Neither the author nor the distributors of this HOWTO are in any way responsible for physical, financial, moral damage incurred by following the suggestions and examples of this text. The information in this document contains the best of my knowledge and experience, but i could still make any mistakes as well in the information as in the examples. Any trademarks are property of their respective holders (i ain't using any commercial thingy's here - but well - IF i'm going to add some text, i don't need to change this disclaimer). If your cat dies 'coz this document was too heavy - i am not responsible as well ...

1.2 Copyrights

This document and contents are Copyright (c)1997-98 by Gunther Voet. Unauthorized (re)production in any form is explicitly allowed and even strongly encouraged as long you don't change the contents of it without contacting the author (Gunther Voet). If you quote the document as whole or a part of it, there needs to be a Copyright "hint" or link to the derived work. "The HOWTO documents are copyrighted by their respective authors". The "HOWTO copyright" will discuss what can be done and what cannot be done with this document. If it is used in a commercial way, the author should been noticed for such distributions. Exceptions on this copyright may be granted under certain conditions with a written letter or e-mail to the author. For more info about the standard HOWTO disclaimer, please contact

*PLEASE* *IF* you are going to make a system based on this HOWTO, then PLEASE give me the copyright :) heh ... - i am not that cruel :)). I mean by a system "a package" - NOT the mailsystem itself - altough it is some appreciative thingy i would be included :)) i can always use one email address more for more flaming :)) (just kiddin').

1.3 Feedback

Well, i expect from you and the users who read this HOWTO, they will make this HOWTO useful. If you got any suggestions, corrections, comments (except flame-mail :)) - please send them to me at or and i will make the corrections, comments or suggestions happen in the next revision. If you publish this document on a commercial way, a complimentary copy would be appreciated - you can mail me for my postal address. For flames - you could send them to me, but they will end at /dev/null ... so - don't even mind to waste bandwidth for it !. Since i can exclude some users to receive mail from (explained in this document) (evil grin). My alias (name) is freaker btw :)). You can always try "". (note the changed address !!)

1.4 Distribution

The latest revision of this document can been get from:


(also checkout could be down at the time of current writing!

1.5 Changes

 v1.0.0       - Preliminary release, internal testing, we tried it before
                we gave it out to you :) .. since - it GOT to be usefull
                and needs to work? rite ? :)
 v1.1.0       - Fixed a lot of errors in the texts, put chapters in it,
              - fixed some small errors and typo's ...
 v1.2.0       - fixed grammatical errors.
              - added a "what-are-we-using" chapter.
              - added Sunsite address.
 v1.3.0       - Added "virtual mail support" for admins
              - New site and email addresses
              - Thanks go to ...
 v1.3.1       - Converted to SGML and fixed some minor details.
 v1.3.2       - Major errors corrected (filenames .fetchmailrc to
                .procmailrc) etc... (thx to Tetsu Isaji)
              - Added support for the "new" sendmail, v8.8.0+
              - Fixed some minor errors
              - Upgraded my system YAY!
              - Japanese version will come out soon, location
                will be mentioned when known ... (thx to Tetsu Isaji)
 v1.3.3       - Added CC support, changed email addr to

1.6 What am i using ?

I'm using Linux 2.0.30, Pentium-166, ATI pci-mach64 card, Accelerated-X (Metro) and a connection to my isp (currently ibmnet) via ppp using a ZyXEL 28k8 modem, and occasionally a Bausch 28k8.

Now i upgraded to Linux 2.0.33, installed a USRobotics modem, it still works as it should work :) (everybody should upgrade their linux versions as soon there comes out a patch :) believe me :) you could spare a lot of time & seeking for errors when doing this one :)

1.7 Thanks go out to ...

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