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1. Purpose of this Document

My experience with Linux and modules has been that the existing documents fail to provide a satisfactory explanation as to how to successfully set up Linux with modules configured and working. The procedure explained in this document has been successfully used several times, both on my own system and over the Internet to give directions to somebody trying to get some feature to work which requires a driver supplied only in module form.

My own system runs from a RedHat 4.1 distribution of Linux, and it was on this setup that I developed the procedure. I have since successfully installed it on systems running from various Slackware distributions, and on one system running from a Debian distribution, and the necessary procedure to correctly configure modules under Linux in all three is documented herein.


I have recently used the same procedure with RedHat 4.2, but with inconsistent results on apparently identical systems. I have not yet determined what the problem is, so can make no guarantees at this stage as to whether or not it will work on your system.

This document is distributed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. You should have received a copy along with it. If not, it is available from

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