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10. Rebooting

The rest of the installation is straight forward and requires no hand holding. Select the packages you want, make the boot disk when given the oppurtunity to (absolutely essential especially for Loadlin users) and reboot the system. Lilo users should press dos at the Lilo prompt to boot into Windows. Like promised none of the Linux partitions will be visible to Windows and we can all rest in peace for that. Lilo users should reboot the system and boot into linux this time by typing linux at the Lilo prompt and depending on the choices you made you will either be at the console or the gnome or kde desktop. From one amateur to another it's always a good idea to log into the console first and not graphically and then starting X because if X crashes on you still have access to the system to make amends. Lilo is set to boot into Linux by default after a gap of 5 seconds, you can change the default to Windows by editing the lilo file in /etc. Look for the line that says default=linux and change it to dos. Alternative launch lilo from an xterm and change the asterisk from linux to dos (use the arrow buttons, dummy). That's set now for Lilo users.

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