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2. Introduction

2.1. Supported Devices

The following list of PDA's are supported by the Linux USB-Visor module:

2.2. What's needed?

To syncronize your Handspring Visor onto your linux computer, you need to configure linux to know how to do the low-level communication with your device, and then a a user-space program to do the actual communication with the device.

2.3. Linux Distributions

Many distibutions now come with kernels pre-configured with appropriate support. If you have such a distro, and do not wish to re-compile the kernel, then you can probably skip ahead to the Syncronziation Software section. The following is an incomplete list of distro's that have support pre-configured:

You may check if your distro already has support by running this command as root:

modprobe visor

If the program printed any error messages, then you will need to re-compile the kernel with the approriate support. If nothing was printed, it means that it was successful, and your distro already provides support.

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