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BTinternet pppd mini-HOWTO

Matt Wright

Matt Wright Consulting


Greg Ferguson - Converted the mini-HOWTO from HTML to Docbook 3.1 (SGML).


Revision History
Revision v0.292002-03-26Revised by: mww
Added a small bit of first-hand tech support about cross-frequency.
Revision v0.282002-01-17Revised by: mww
New information about PPPoATM involving kernels and distibutions.
Revision v0.272001-12-20Revised by: mww
Minor technical problems highlighted by Robert Smith.
Revision v0.262001-11-21Revised by: mww
Added a point about the Kernel HOWTO.
Revision v0.252001-11-17Revised by: mww
Added a troubleshooting answer about "_mmx_memcpy". Other minor updates as well.
Revision v0.242001-11-09Revised by: mww
Technical detail with the chatscript timeout (and found a spelling mistake or two!). Thanks again to Bill Staehle.
Revision v0.232001-11-07Revised by: mww
Changed the Chatscript dialing method, thanks go to TonyC from btinternet.linux newsgroup.
Revision v0.222001-11-06Revised by: mww
Changed a couple more little botches. Thanks again go to Bill Staehle.
Revision v0.212001-11-03Revised by: mww
Changed discrepancies reported by Bill Staehle.
Revision v0.202001-11-01Revised by: mww
Added Alcatel Speedtouch Information.
Revision v0.192001-10-31Revised by: mww
Initial public release.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright and License
1.2. Mailing Lists
1.3. About the author
1.4. Acknowledgements
2. Requirements
3. Surftime
3.1. PPPd Setup
3.2. Chatscript (Dialup)
3.3. Authentication
3.4. Setting your global options
3.5. Testing your link
3.6. Dialing scripts
4. BTi Anytime
5. BTOpenworld Home 500 (Alcatel Speedtouch USB)
5.1. About this section
5.2. Warning
5.3. Distribution Specific Information
5.4. Requirements
5.5. Software Downloads
5.6. Patching your kernel
5.7. Kernel Drivers and Software
5.8. PPPd Configuration
5.9. Testing your link
6. Simple IP Masquerading
7. Troubleshooting
7.1. Help! Lynx gives unable to access document
7.2. My kernel < 2.4.2 crashes using the Alcatel driver
7.3. PPPd crashes when it loads the PPPoATM module
7.4. insmod speedtch.o gives: "Unresolved symbol: _mmx_memcpy"
7.5. There are strange noises on the telephone line when I pick up the phone.
8. Further Reading

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