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13. Models Tested

There are a lot of different mice out there, and I cannot honestly say that you should go out and buy one rather than the other. What I can do is give a list of what I think these mice do, based on experience and heresay. Even with this information you should be a little cautious - we had two identical mice in our office on two computers, some things worked on one and not t'other! Any additions to this list would be welcome.

Mouse Systems optical mouse, serial version
Works well (as you might expect from the name!) without ClearDTR or ClearRTS in the config.
WiN mouse, as sold by Office World for eight quid.
Standard dual-mode Microsoft/MouseSystems.
Agiler Mouse 2900
Standard dual-mode Microsoft/MouseSystems. SYSGRATION SYS2005 chip is solderable.
Sicos mouse,
Works ok, needs ClearDTR & Clear RTS in config.
Index sell a mouse for 10 quid,
Doesn't work in 3 button mode, but does have nice instructions :-)
Artec mouse
Usual dual-protocol mouse, needs `ClearDTR' set in config, NOT `ClearRTS'
DynaPoint 3 button serial mouse.
Usual dual-protocol mouse, needs `ClearDTR' AND `ClearRTS' in Xconfig.
Genius Easymouse 3 button mouse
Works fine with Mouseman protocol without the ChordMiddle parameter set. From Roderick Johnstone (
Truemouse, made in Taiwan
Works OK, needs `ClearDTR' in config. (From Tim MacEachern)
Champ brand mouse
Needs to have switch in PC mode, which enables MouseSystems protocol also. (From
MicroSpeed mouse
Usual dual-protocol mouse.
Venus brand ($7)
Has a jumper inside to switch between 2 and 3 button mode. (From )
Switched mouse, works OK as MouseSystems in 3-button position. (From .)
Manhattan mouse.
Switch for `MS AM' / `PC AT' modes, MS mode works fine with the gpm -R method. (From
Inland mouse.
Switch for `PC/MS' modes, works fine. (From
qMouse (3-button), FCC ID E6qmouse X31.
Sells in the USA for about $10. Works with `gpm -t msc -r 20'. No jumpers or switches for MouseSystems 3-button mode. Unreliable in X. Does not respond to echo "*n" > /dev/mouse.
Mitsumi Mouse (2-button), FCC ID EW4ECM-S3101.
Sells in the USA for about $12. Reliable in X and under gpm, smooth double-button. (These two from
PC Accessories mouse that i got from CompUSA for under $10.
Has PC/MS switch on bottom. Works OK. (From
First Mouse - seriously cheap at 7.79 pounds at Tempo.
Dual Microsoft/MouseSystems, mode set by button depress at power-up. No switches, no links. Four wire connection, echo '*n' doesn't work. `gpm -R' works a treat. (From
Trust 3-button mouse.
Dual-mode with switch, works OK as MouseSystems in `PC' mode. gpm doesn't like the Microsoft mode.
Chic 410
Works perfectly when kept in ms mode and used with the gpm -R command. From Stephen M. Weiss (
KeyMouse 3-button mouse.
Works OK with ClearDTR and ClearRTS in Xconfig; `-o dtr' needed with gpm. (From
Qtronix keyboard `Scorpio 60'
All three buttons work in MouseSystems protocol. (From
Tecra 720 laptop
The glidepoint is on /dev/cua0; the stick is on /dev/psaux. (From
Anubis mouse
Works fine, need to hold down left button whenever switching to the X virtual console. (From Joel Crisp)
Yakumo No.1900 mouse
Works with gpm -R -t ms exporting to X. (From Oliver Schwank)
Genius `Easy Trak' Trackball
Is not Microsoft compatible, use Mouseman in the Xconfig and it will work fine. (From
Highscreen Mouse Pro
`Works fine' says
Logitech CA series
Works in X using MMseries protocol, at 2400 Baud, 150 SampleRate. (Should also apply to Logitech CC, CE, C7 & C9 mice). (From
A4-Tech mouse
Works OK, needs DTR line under both X and gpm. (From
Vertech mouse
Normal Microsoft/Mousesystems behaviour, can be soldered for a permenant fix. (From
Boeder M-7 ``Bit Star'' (and other M series apart from M13)
Switches to Mousesystems protocol by holding any button down at power-on. (From
Mouse Systems ``Scroll'' Mouse (four buttons and a roller/button)
Has a 2/3 switch - in mode 3 functions as a three button MouseSystems mouse, ignoring extra button & wheel. Doesn't need ClearRTS/DTR. (From
Radio Shack 3-button Serial Mouse
Model 26-8432, available in Tandy for about 20 quid. Works as Mousesystems with ClearDTR. (From
Dexxa serial mouse
Works fine using Microsoft protocol in Xconfig, no ChordMiddle or anything needed. (From
Belkin 3 button mouse
As purchased from Sears (\$10), needs -o rts under gpm (and probably ClearRTS under X) when in PC mode. (From

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