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LDP WikiText Editing HOWTO

David Merrill



Revision History
Revision 1.12002-01-28Revised by: dcm
Added QandASet section, had to tweak the grammar for filename markup.
Revision 1.02002-01-23Revised by: dcm
Initial release.

This HOWTO explains how to use the LDP WikiText editing format to create DocBook documents for the LDP.

Table of Contents
1. Legalities
2. Introduction
3. What Is a Wiki?
4. Why Would I Want to Use One?
5. How Does It Work?
5.1. Sections
5.2. Lists
5.3. Links
5.4. Filenames
5.5. Emphasis
5.6. QandASets
5.7. Fancy Stuff
6. But What About the Meta-Data?
7. Where Is It? Can I Get Access?
8. Conclusion

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