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10. This document...

The SGML source of the most recent version of this document can be retrieved from here. The previous version, created by Morten Kjeldgaard, and Peter von der AhИ, can be found on

10.1. Related documentation

10.1.1. Documentation related to the current version

The following documents were useful in the creation of this howto:

The (unofficial) RedHat 7 Customised Installer mini-HOWTO, by Tony Nugent, that you can find on

Miguel Freitas has written RedHat7 CDs mini-Howto, that you can read on this website.

Ron Yorston wrote the rpmhack document, relevant for release 6.2 of Redhat Linux.

Someone (I couldn't find his name) wrote the document Building a Red Hat Linux 6.2 CDROM, useful for release 6.2.

10.1.2. Documentation related to the previous edition

Ed Schlunder <> has written a utility called fix-rhcd to let you check your Red Hat Linux distribution mirror for matching file sizes, names, permissions, and symlinks against an "ls -lNR" listing from the offical Red Hat ftp site. Any permissions that are wrong are changed to match the "ls" listing. See the fix-rhcd homepage.

Rod Smith <> has written a Do-It-Yourself Red Hat Installation guide, which also includes information on creating RedHat install CD's. Especially aimed at burning a CD from a non-UNIX system. Find it on his website.

A document in french "Comment graver un CD de la RedHat 5.x a partir de fichiers telecharges sur Internet...''" by <> is available from

With the sense of the good things in life Jussi Torhonen from Finland <> tells us Howto make a homebrew bootable RedHat Linux 5.2 CD-ROM.

From the LDP project, see the CD-writing HOWTO.

10.2. Acknowledgements

Apart from those mentioned above, thanks are given to the following people for valuable input, feedback, discussions and other:

10.2.1. Acknowledgements for the current version

  • Morten Kjeldgaard, <>

  • Peter von der AhИ, <>

  • Jacinta Conneely

  • Filippo Carcaci

  • Riccardo Casula <>

  • Guillaume Lelarge <>

10.2.2. Acknowledgements for the previous versions

  • Lars Christensen <>

  • Thomas Duffy <>

  • Dawn Endico <>

  • Seva <>

  • Michael Thomas Cope <>

  • Charles J. Fisher <>

  • Eric Thomas <>

  • Gordon Yuen <>

  • Dave Morse <>

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