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4. How did I write this howto ?

I wrote this paper during the installation process but since I encountered several problems at the same time, my notes were disparate and sometimes I forgot to write the good command lines because I was too fed up to reboot (kernel compilations) and edit this file each time.

When the installation went wrong (it did, I'm a beginner on laptops, plip, linux nfs, portmapper, Debian), I tried several things to fix the problems. When they remained too long, my brain was focused on solving, not writing.

So, when the installation process finally succeeded, I decided to restart the process from scratch by noting everything in order to save your time. It was the first time I had installed Linux twice on the same computer.

Then, in order to verify the document, I again restarted from scratch with a Slink Debian distribution (the next after the Hamm one). It was the first time I had installed Linux 3 times on the same computer. I hope it was the last time I have to do that.

Conclusion: If you do what is in this paper, it should work.

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