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25. List of contributors and acknowledgements

I thank all the people in this list of contributors or projects. If you think I forgot someone, do not hesitate to complain.

Werner Heuser <>

He said: "yesterday I had time enough to read your document. It's great and in the next issue of my HOWTO (probably 2. December) I will make a link to it."

He did.

LDP <>

The Linux Documentation Project accepted the PLIP-Install-HOWTO without any hesitation.

Graham Bosworth <>

Graham corrected my bad English all over the document. Several times. Graham told me that Suse includes a PLIP installation process.

Simon Forget <>

Simon had a problem with his pcmcia floppy drive. So he led me search for a solution that is, in fact, simpler and faster (the DOS one).

Andrew Clausen <>

Andrew suggested that I talk about parted

Florent SAUNIER <>

Florent wrote the section called "Installing Slackware/Caldera".

Tomas Pospisek <>

Tomas also corrected my bad english.

Brad Rigby <>

Brad corrected a bug in the Slackware section (inverted IP adresses).

Donald Becker <>

Donald wrote the PLIP kernel documentation

Tilmann Bubeck <>

Tilmann wrote the section called "Installing RedHat 6.x".

Leonard den Ottolander <>

Leonard wrote the section called "Installing RedHat 7.x".

Richard Barrington (

"Under linux 2.4, the described method of setting irq doesn't work. it needs insmod parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7 otherwise it will default to no irq." Thanks Richard.

Matt Haycraft (

Matt discovered and resolved a plip problem between 2.2.14 and 2.2.16 kernels. See Known problems section.

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