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4. Creating a database

We just typed:

bash$ dbassist
and we played around with the default options. This allowed us to generate an instance of Oracle 8i we could use for teaching purposes, during an undergraduate course on the foundational principles of data bases. If you need more professional-oriented instances, consult other HOWTOs or read Oracle documentation.

In any case, at this point, what you should be able to do is to let interactive Oracle sql interpreter SQL*Plus run, by issuing:

bash$ sqlplus
and by choosing one of the following two default account/passwd pairs that Oracle creates by default. The first pair is:
while the second is:

However, if you, just for example, want to connect from/to another machine we address you to other HOWTOs; for example, Stephen Darlington's "Oracle for Linux Installation HOWTO" covers this subjects and gives other useful hints in its final sections.

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