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Linux Loadable Kernel Module HOWTO

Bryan Henderson

21 May 2002

Revision History
Revision v1.022002-05-21Revised by: bjh
Correct explanation of symbol versioning. Correct author of Linux Device Drivers. Add info about memory allocation penalty of LKM vs bound-in. Add LKM-to-LKM symbol matching requirement. Add open source licensing issue in LKM symbol resolution. Add SMP symbol versioning info.
Revision v1.012001-08-18Revised by: bjh
Add material on various features created in the last few years: kernel module loader, ksymoops symbols, kernel-version-dependent LKM file location.
Revision v1.002001-06-14Revised by: bjh
Initial release.

Table of Contents
1. Preface
2. Introduction to Linux Loadable Kernel Modules
2.1. Terminology
2.2. History of Loadable Kernel Modules
2.3. The Case For Loadable Kernel Modules
2.4. What LKMs Can't Do
2.5. What LKMs Are Used For
3. Making Loadable Kernel Modules
4. LKM Utilities
5. How To Insert And Remove LKMs
5.1. Could Not Find Kernel Version...
5.2. Intelligent Loading Of LKMs - Modprobe
5.3. Automatic LKM Loading and Unloading
5.4. /proc/modules
5.5. Where Are My LKM Files On My System?
6. Unresolved Symbols
6.1. Some LKMs Prerequire Other LKMs
6.2. An LKM Must Match The Base Kernel
6.3. If You Run Multiple Kernels
6.4. SMP symbols
6.5. You Are Not Licensed To Access The Symbol
6.6. An LKM Must Match Prerequisite LKMs
7. How To Boot Without A Disk Device Driver
8. About Module Parameters
9. Persistent Data
10. Technical Details
10.1. How They Work
10.2. The .modinfo Section
10.3. The __ksymtab And .kstrtab Sections
10.4. Ksymoops Symbols
10.5. Other Symbols
10.6. Memory Allocation For Loading
10.7. Linux internals
11. Writing Your Own Loadable Kernel Module
11.1. bug in hello.c
11.2. Rubini ═ Corbet: Linux Device Drivers
11.3. Improving On Use Counts
12. Related Documentation
13. Individual Modules
13.1. Executable Interpreters
13.2. Block Device Drivers
13.3. SCSI Drivers
13.4. Network Device Drivers
13.5. CDROM Device Drivers
13.6. Filesystem Drivers
13.7. Miscellaneous Device Driver
13.8. Serial Device Drivers
13.9. Parallel Device Drivers
13.10. Bus Mouse Device Drivers
13.11. Tape Device Drivers
13.12. Watchdog Timers
13.13. Sound Device Drivers
14. Maintenance Of This Document
15. History
16. Copyright

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