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I/O Performance HOWTO

Sharon Snider

v1.1, 05/2002

Revision History
Revision v1.12002-05-01Revised by: sds
Updated technical information and links.
Revision v1.02002-04-01Revised by: sds
Wrote and converted to DocBook XML.

Table of Contents
1. Distribution Policy
2. Introduction
3. Avoiding Bounce Buffers
3.1. Memory and Addressing in the Linux 2.4 Kernel
3.2. The Problem with Bounce Buffers
3.3. Locating the Patch
3.4. Modifying Your Device Driver to Avoid Bounce Buffers
4. Raw I/O Variable-Size Optimization Patch
4.1. Locating the Patch
4.2. Modifying Your Driver for the Raw I/O Variable-Size Optimization Patch
5. I/O Request Lock Patch
5.1. Locating the Patch
5.2. Modifying Your Driver for the I/O Request Lock Patch
6. Additional Resources

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