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6. Video cards

Please note that this section is currently being updated, so some information may not be entirely correct or complete.

Linux will work with all video cards in text mode, VGA cards not listed below probably will still work with mono VGA and/or standard VGA drivers.

If you're looking into buying a cheap video card to run X, keep in mind that accelerated cards (ATI Mach, ET4000/W32p, S3) are MUCH faster than unaccelerated or partially accelerated (Cirrus, WD) cards.

"32 bpp" is actually 24 bit color aligned on 32 bit boundaries. It does NOT mean the cards are capable of 32 bit color, they still display 24 bit color (16,777,216 colors). 24 bit packed pixels modes are not supported in XFree86, so cards that can do 24 bit modes to get higher resolutions in other OS's are not able to do this in X using XFree86. These cards include Mach32, Cirrus 542x, S3 801/805/868/968, ET4000, and others.

AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) support is growing fast. Most of the X-servers (both freely available and proprietary versions) have more or less support for AGP.

6.1. XFree86

The following is a list of cards known to work with XFree86 versions 3.3.6 and/or 4.1.0. See the XFree86 web site for more information.

Card NameChipsetXFree86 3.3.x serverXFree86 4.x driverNotes
2 the Max MAXColor S3 Trio64V+S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
2-the-Max MAXColor 6000ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
3DLabs Oxygen GMXPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
3DVision-i740 AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
3Dlabs Permedia2 (generic)PERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
928MovieS3 928XF86_S3vga 
ABIT G740 8MB SDRAMIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
AGP 2D/3D V. 1N, AGP-740DIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
AGX (generic)AGX-014/15/16XF86_AGXvga 
AOpen AGP 2X 3D Navigator PA740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
AOpen PA2010Voodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
AOpen PA45SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PA50DSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PA50ESiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PA50VSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PA80/DVDSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
AOpen PG128S3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
AOpen PG9753dimage975XF86_SVGAtrident 
AOpen PT70S3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
AOpen PT75S3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
AOpen PT80SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
ARISTO i740 AGP (ART-i740-G)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
ASUS 3DexplorerRIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
ASUS AGP-V2740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
ASUS PCI-AV264CTatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ASUS PCI-V264CTatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ASUS Video Magic PCI V864S3 864XF86_S3vga 
ASUS Video Magic PCI VT64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
AT25Alliance AT3DXF86_SVGAapm 
AT3DAlliance AT3DXF86_SVGAapm 
ATI 3D Pro TurboatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 3D Pro Turbo PC2TVatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 3D XpressionatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 3D Xpression+atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 3D Xpression+ PC2TVatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI 8514 Ultra (no VGA)ATI-Mach8XF86_Mach8vga 
ATI All-in-WonderatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI All-in-Wonder 128 Pro AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI All-in-Wonder ProatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI FireGL 8700R200 radeon 
ATI FireGL 8800R200 radeon 
ATI Graphics Pro TurboatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Graphics Pro Turbo 1600atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Graphics UltraatiXF86_Mach8ati 
ATI Graphics Ultra ProatiXF86_Mach32ati 
ATI Graphics XpressionatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach32atiXF86_Mach32ati 
ATI Mach64atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 3D RAGE IIatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 3D RAGE II+DVDatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 3D Rage IICatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 3D Rage ProatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 CT (264CT)atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 GT (264GT), aka 3D RAGEatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Mach64 VT (264VT)atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Radeon (generic)R100 radeon 
ATI Radeon 64 DDR (AGP)R100 radeon 
ATI Radeon 7000RV100 radeon 
ATI Radeon 7200R100 radeon 
ATI Radeon 7500RV200 radeon 
ATI Radeon 8500R200 radeon 
ATI Radeon 9000R250 vesa 
ATI Radeon 9700R300 vesa 
ATI Radeon AGPR100 radeon 
ATI Radeon AGP VIVOR100 radeon 
ATI Radeon All In Wonder AGPR100 radeon 
ATI Radeon Mobility 7500RV200 radeon 
ATI Radeon Mobility 9000R250 vesa 
ATI Radeon Mobility FireGL 7800RV200 radeon 
ATI Radeon Mobility M6RV100 radeon 
ATI Radeon Mobility M7RV200 radeon 
ATI Radeon VERV100 radeon 
ATI Rage 128atiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage 128 (generic)atiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage 128 Mobilityati r128 
ATI Rage Fury AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage Fury Pro AGPATIXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage LTatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Rage LT PROatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Rage Mobilityati ati 
ATI Rage Mobility M4 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Rage Mobility PatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Rage XLatiXF86_SVGAati 
ATI Rage XL AGPatiXF86_SVGAati 
ATI Ultra PlusatiXF86_Mach32ati 
ATI Video BoostatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Video ChargeratiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Video XpressionatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Video Xpression+atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI WinBoostatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI WinChargeratiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI WinTurboatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Wonder SVGAatiXF86_SVGAati 
ATI XPERT 128 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Xpert 128 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Xpert 2000 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Xpert 98atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Xpert 99 AGPatiXF86_SVGAr128 
ATI Xpert XLatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Xpert@PlayatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Xpert@Play 98atiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI Xpert@WorkatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATI integrated on Intel Maui MU440EX motherboardatiXF86_Mach64ati 
ATrend ATC-2165AET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
AccelStar Permedia II AGPPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Acorp AGP i740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Actix GE32+ 2MBS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Actix GE32iS3 805iXF86_S3vga 
Actix GE64S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Actix ProStarCL-GD5426/5428XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Actix ProStar 64CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Actix UltraS3 928XF86_S3vga 
Acumos AVGA3CL-GD5420/2/4/6/8/9XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Alliance ProMotion 6422AP6422XF86_SVGAvga 
Appian Jeronimo 2000PERMEDIA 3 glint 
Aristo ART-390-G S3 Savage3DS3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
Ark Logic ARK1000PV (generic)ARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Ark Logic ARK1000VL (generic)ARK1000VLXF86_SVGAvga 
Ark Logic ARK2000MT (generic)ARK1000MTXF86_SVGAvga 
Ark Logic ARK2000PV (generic)ARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Atrend (Speedy) 3DIO740 AGP (ATC-2740)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Avance Logic 2101Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2228Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2301Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2302Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2308Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Avance Logic 2401Avance LogicXF86_SVGAvga 
Binar Graphics AnyViewET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Boca Vortex (Sierra RAMDAC)AGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
COMPAQ Armada 7380DMTS3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
COMPAQ Armada 7730MTS3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
California Graphics SunTracer 6000ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Canopus Co. Power Window 3DVS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Canopus SPECTRA 5400 Premium EditionRIVA ULTRA TNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Canopus Total-3DVerite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Cardex Challenger (Pro)ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Cardex CobraET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Cardex Trio64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Cardex Trio64ProS3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Chaintech AGP-740DIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Chaintech Desperado 3F10Voodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Chaintech Desperado RI20RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado RI30RIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado RI40/41RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado RI50RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado RI60RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Chaintech Desperado SI21SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Chaintech Desperado SI31SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Chaintech Tornado I7000Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Chaintech Tornado S6000SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Chips & Technologies CT64200ct64200XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT64300ct64300XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT65520ct65520XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT65525ct65525XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT65530ct65530XF86_SVGAchips 
Chips & Technologies CT65535ct65535   
Chips & Technologies CT65540ct65540   
Chips & Technologies CT65545ct65545   
Chips & Technologies CT65546ct65546   
Chips & Technologies CT65548ct65548   
Chips & Technologies CT65550ct65550   
Chips & Technologies CT65554ct65554   
Chips & Technologies CT65555ct65555   
Chips & Technologies CT68554ct68554   
Chips & Technologies CT69000ct69000   
Chips & Technologies CT69030ct69030   
Cirrus Logic GD542xCL-GD5420/2/4/6/8/9XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD543xCL-GD5430/5434/5436XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5446 (noname card)CL-GD5446, 1MB (upgradable to 2MB).XF86_SVGAvga 
Cirrus Logic GD544xCL-GD544x cirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5462CL-GD5462XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5464CL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5465CL-GD5465XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD5480CL-GD5480XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Cirrus Logic GD62xx (laptop)CL-GD6205/15/25/35XF86_SVGAvga 
Cirrus Logic GD64xx (laptop)CL-GD6420/6440XF86_SVGAvga 
Cirrus Logic GD754x (laptop)CL-GD7541/42/43/48XF86_SVGAvga 
Colorgraphic Dual LightningET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Compaq Armada 7400S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Compaq Armada 7800S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Creative Blaster ExxtremePERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Creative Graphics Blaster TNT2RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Creative Labs 3D Blaster PCI (Verite 1000)Verite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster 3DCL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster Eclipse (OEM Model CT6510)CL-GD5465XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA201CL-GD544x cirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA202CL-GD544x cirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA302CL-GD5462XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster MA334CL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Creative Labs Savage 4 3D BlasterS3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
Cyrix MediaGXMediaGXXF86_SVGAcyrix 
DSV3325S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
DSV3326S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
DataExpert DSV3325S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
DataExpert DSV3365S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Dell S3 805S3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
Dell onboard ET4000ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond Edge 3Dnv1XF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond Fire GL 1000PERMEDIAXF86_3DLabsglint 
Diamond Fire GL 1000 PROPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Diamond Fire GL 3000GLINT 500TXXF86_3DLabsglint 
Diamond Monster FusionVoodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 2000S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 2000 PROS3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond SpeedStar (Plus)ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond SpeedStar 24ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond SpeedStar 24X (not fully supported)WD90C31XF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond SpeedStar 64CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond SpeedStar A50SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Diamond SpeedStar HiColorET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond SpeedStar Pro (not SE)CL-GD5426/28XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond SpeedStar Pro 1100CL-GD5420/2/4/6/8/9XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond SpeedStar Pro SE (CL-GD5430/5434)CL-GD5430/5434/5436XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond SpeedStar64 Graphics 2000/2200CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Diamond Stealth 24S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth 32ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 PROS3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Stealth 3D 3000S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Stealth 3D 4000S3 ViRGE/GX2XF86_SVGAs3virge 
Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM SES3 Trio32XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM with S3 SDACS3 864XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM with S3 Trio64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth 64 VRAMS3 964XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth 64 Video VRAM (TI RAMDAC)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth II S220Verite 2100XF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond Stealth II/G460 AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Diamond Stealth III (S520/S540)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
Diamond Stealth ProS3 928XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth VRAMS3 911/924XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth Video 2500Alliance AT24XF86_SVGAapm 
Diamond Stealth Video DRAMS3 868XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth64 Graphics 2001 seriesARK2000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond Stealth64 Graphics 2xx0 series (864 + SDAC)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth64 Graphics 2xx0 series (Trio64)S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 2001 series (2121/2201)S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 2120/2200S3 868XF86_S3vga 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 3200S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 3240/3400 (IBM RAMDAC)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Stealth64 Video 3240/3400 (TI RAMDAC)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Diamond Viper 330RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
Diamond Viper 550RIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Diamond Viper 770RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Diamond Viper PCI 2MbWeitek 9000XF86_P9000vga 
Diamond Viper Pro VideoWeitek P9100XF86_SVGAvga 
Diamond Viper VLB 2MbWeitek 9000XF86_P9000vga 
Digital 24-plane TGA (ZLXp-E2)TGAXF86_TGAtga 
Digital 24-plane+3D TGA (ZLXp-E3)TGAXF86_TGAtga 
Digital 8-plane TGA (UDB/Multia)TGAXF86_TGAtga 
Digital 8-plane TGA (ZLXp-E1)TGAXF86_TGAtga 
EIZO (VRAM)AGX-014/15/16XF86_AGXvga 
ELSA GLoria SynergyPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-LGLINT 500TXXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-L/MXGLINT MXXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-SPERMEDIAXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-XLGLINT MXXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA GLoria-XXLGLINT MXXF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA Gloria-4S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Gloria-8S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Victory 3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Victory 3DXS3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA WINNER 1000/T2DS3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
ELSA Winner 1000 R3DRIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
ELSA Winner 1000AVI (AT&T 20C409 version)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000AVI (SDAC version)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000ISAS3 805iXF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000PRO with S3 SDACS3 864XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000PRO with STG1700 or AT&T RAMDACS3 864XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000PRO/XS3 868XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000TRIOS3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
ELSA Winner 1000TRIO/VS3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
ELSA Winner 1000TwinBusS3 928XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 1000VLS3 928XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000S3 928XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000/OfficePERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
ELSA Winner 2000AVIS3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000AVI/3DS3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO-2S3 964XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO-4S3 964XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-2S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-4S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X-8S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ELSA Winner 3000S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Winner 3000-L-42S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Winner 3000-M-22S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ELSA Winner 3000-SS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
EONtronics Picasso 740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
EONtronics Van GoghIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
EPSON CardPC (onboard)SPC8110XF86_SVGAvesa 
EPSON SPC8110 (CardPC)SPC8110XF86_SVGAvga 
ET3000 (generic)ET3000XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET4000 (generic)ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET4000 W32i, W32p (generic)ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET4000/W32 (generic)ET4000/W32XF86_W32tseng 
ET6000 (generic)ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET6100 (generic)ET6100XF86_SVGAtseng 
ET6300 (generic)ET6300XF86_SVGAtseng 
EliteGroup(ECS) 3DVision-i740 AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Elsa Victory IIVoodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Elsa Winner T3DS3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
Everex MVGA i740/AGIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
ExpertColor DSV3325S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
ExpertColor DSV3365S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Flagpoint Shocker i740 8MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Gainward CardExpert 740 8MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Gainward Challenger EVET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Generic VGA compatibleGeneric VGAXF86_VGA16vga 
Genoa 5400ET3000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Genoa 8500VL(-28)CL-GD5426/28XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Genoa 8900 Phantom 32iET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Genoa Phantom 64i with S3 SDACS3 864XF86_S3vga 
Genoa Systems Phantom 740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Genoa VideoBlitz III AVS3 968XF86_S3s3 
Gigabyte Predator i740 8MB AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Graphics Blaster TNTRIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Guillemot Maxi Gamer Xentor 32RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
HOT-158 (Shuttle)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Hercules DynamiteET4000/W32XF86_W32tseng 
Hercules Dynamite 128/VideoET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Hercules Dynamite 3D/GLPERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Hercules Dynamite PowerET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Hercules Dynamite ProET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Hercules Dynamite TNTRIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Hercules Graphite HG210AGX-014XF86_AGXvga 
Hercules Graphite PowerAGX-016XF86_AGXvga 
Hercules Graphite ProAGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
Hercules Graphite Terminator 64S3 964XF86_S3s3 
Hercules Graphite Terminator 64/DRAMS3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Hercules Graphite Terminator Pro 64S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Hercules StingrayALG-2228/2301/2302XF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Stingray 128 3DAlliance AT3DXF86_SVGAapm 
Hercules Stingray 64/V with ICS5342ARK2000MTXF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Stingray 64/V with ZoomDACARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Stingray ProARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Stingray Pro/VARK1000PVXF86_SVGAvga 
Hercules Terminator 128 2X/i AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Hercules Terminator 128/3DS3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
Hercules Terminator 3D/DXS3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Hercules Terminator 64/3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Hercules Terminator 64/VideoS3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Hercules Thriller3DVerite 2200XF86_SVGAvga 
Integral FlashPointET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Intel 5430CL-GD5430XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Intel 740 (generic)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Intel 810Intel 810XF86_SVGAi810 
Intel 815Intel 815XF86_SVGAi810 
Intel 815eIntel 815XF86_SVGAi810 
Intel 830Intel 830 i810 
Intel 845Intel 845 i810 
Intel Express 3D AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Interay PMC ViperET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
JAX 8241S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Jaton Video-58PET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Jaton Video-70PCL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Jaton Video-740 AGP 3DIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Jazz Multimedia G-Force 128ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Jetway J-740-3D 8MB AGP, i740 AGP 3DIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Joymedia Apollo 7400Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
KouTech KeyVision 128 EVET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
LeadTek WinFast 3D S600S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
LeadTek WinFast 3D S680S3 ViRGE/GX2XF86_SVGAs3virge 
LeadTek WinFast S200ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
LeadTek WinFast S430S3 968XF86_S3vga 
LeadTek WinFast S510S3 968XF86_S3vga 
Leadtek WinFast 2300PERMEDIA 2XF86_3DLabsglint 
Leadtek WinFast 3D S320RIVATNTXF86_SVGAnv 
Leadtek WinFast 3D S320IIRIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
Leadtek WinFast 3D S3500RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
Leadtek Winfast S900Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
MAXI Gamer AGP 8 MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
MSI MS-4417SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
MachSpeed VGA ET6000ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Machspeed Raptor i740 AGP 4600Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Magic-Pro MP-740DVDIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Matrox CometET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Matrox Marvel IIET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Matrox Millenniummga2064wXF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Millennium G200mgag200XF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Millennium G400mgag400XF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Millennium G450mgag450 mga 
Matrox Millennium G550mgag550 mga 
Matrox Millennium IImga2164wXF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Mystiquemga1064sgXF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Mystique G200mgag200XF86_SVGAmga 
Matrox Productiva G100mgag100XF86_SVGAmga 
MediaVision Proaxcel 128ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Mirage Z-128ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Miro CRYSTAL VRXVerite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Miro Crystal 10SD with GenDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 12SDS3 Trio32XF86_S3s3 
Miro Crystal 16SS3 928XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SD PCI with S3 SDACS3 868XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SD VLB with S3 SDAC (BIOS 3.xx)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SD with ICD2061A (BIOS 2.xx)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SD with ICS2494 (BIOS 1.xx)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 20SVS3 964XF86_S3vesa 
Miro Crystal 22SDS3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Miro Crystal 40SVS3 964XF86_S3s3 
Miro Crystal 80SVS3 968XF86_S3vga 
Miro Crystal 8SS3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
Miro Crystal DVDSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
Miro MiroMedia 3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Miro MiroVideo 20TDET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
Miro Video 20SVS3 968XF86_S3vga 
NVIDIA GeForceGeForceXF86_SVGAnv 
NVIDIA GeForce 2 (generic)GeForce 2 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS (generic)GeForce 2 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX (generic)GeForce 2 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 256 (generic)GeForce 256 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 3 (generic)GeForce 3 nv 
NVIDIA GeForce 4 (generic)GeForce 4 vesa 
NVIDIA GeForce DDR (generic)GeForce DDR nv 
NVIDIA Quadro 4 (generic)Quadro 4 vesa 
NVIDIA Riva 128 (generic)RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
NVIDIA Riva TNT2 (generic)RIVATNT2XF86_SVGAnv 
NatSemi GeodeMediaGXXF86_SVGAcyrix 
NeoMagic (laptop/notebook)  neomagic 
NeoMagic 128XD (laptop/notebook)  neomagic 
NeoMagic 256 (laptop/notebook)MagicGraph 256 series neomagic 
Number Nine FX Motion 331S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine FX Motion 332S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Number Nine FX Motion 531S3 868XF86_S3vga 
Number Nine FX Motion 771S3 968XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine FX Reality 772S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Number Nine FX Vision 330S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine GXE Level 10/11/12S3 928XF86_S3vga 
Number Nine GXE Level 14/16S3 928XF86_S3vga 
Number Nine GXE64S3 864XF86_S3vga 
Number Nine GXE64 ProS3 964XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine GXE64 with S3 Trio64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
Number Nine Imagine 128I128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Imagine 128 (2-8MB)I128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Imagine 128 Series 2 (2-4MB)I128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Imagine 128 T2RI128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Revolution 3D AGP T2RI128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Revolution IV (T2R4)I128XF86_I128i128 
Number Nine Visual 9FX Reality 332S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Oak 87 ISA (generic)Oak OTI-087XF86_SVGAvga 
Oak 87 VLB (generic)Oak OTI-087XF86_SVGAvga 
Oak ISA Card (generic)Oak OTI-067/77XF86_SVGAvga 
Ocean (octek) VL-VGA-1000ARK1000VLXF86_SVGAvga 
Octek AVGA-20CL-GD5420XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Octek Combo-26CL-GD5426XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Octek Combo-28CL-GD5428XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Octek VL-VGA-26CL-GD5426XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Octek VL-VGA-28CL-GD5428XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Orchid Celsius (AT&T RAMDAC)AGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
Orchid Celsius (Sierra RAMDAC)AGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
Orchid Fahrenheit 1280S3 801XF86_S3vga 
Orchid Fahrenheit VAS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Orchid Fahrenheit-1280+S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
Orchid Kelvin 64CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Orchid Kelvin 64 VLB Rev ACL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Orchid Kelvin 64 VLB Rev BCL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Orchid P9000 VLBWeitek 9000XF86_P9000vga 
Orchid Technology Fahrenheit Video 3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
PC-Chips M567 MainboardSiS5597XF86_SVGAsis 
Palit Daytona AGP740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Paradise Accelerator ValueOak OTI-087XF86_SVGAvga 
Paradise/WD 90CXXWD90CXXXF86_SVGAvga 
PixelView Combo TV 3D AGP (Prolink)CL-GD5465, 4MBXF86_SVGAvga 
PixelView Combo TV Pro (Prolink)CL-GD5480, 4MBXF86_SVGAvga 
PowerColor C740 (SG/SD) AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
QDI Amazing IIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Real3D Starfighter AGPIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Real3D Starfighter PCIIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Rendition Verite 1000Verite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Rendition Verite 2x00Verite 2x00XF86_SVGAvga 
Revolution 3D T2RI128XF86_I128i128 
S3 801/805 (generic)S3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
S3 801/805 with ATT20c490 RAMDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with ATT20c490 RAMDAC and ICD2061AS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with Chrontel 8391S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with S3 GenDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with SC1148{2,3,4} RAMDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 801/805 with SC1148{5,7,9} RAMDACS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
S3 864 (generic)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 864 with ATT 20C498 or 21C498S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 864 with SDAC (86C716)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 864 with STG1703S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 868 (generic)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 868 with ATT 20C409S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 868 with ATT 20C498 or 21C498S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 868 with SDAC (86C716)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C260 (ViRGE/MX)S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C280 (ViRGE/MX+)    
S3 86C325 (ViRGE)S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C357 (ViRGE/GX2)S3 ViRGE/GX2XF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C365 (Trio3D)S3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
S3 86C368 (Trio3D/2X)S3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
S3 86C375 (ViRGE/DX)S3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C385 (ViRGE/GX)S3 ViRGE/GXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86C390 (Savage3D)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C391 (Savage3D)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C395 (Savage4 Pro+)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C396 (Savage4)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C397 (Savage4)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 86C764 (Trio64)S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C765 (Trio64V+)S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C775 (Trio64V2/DX)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C785 (Trio64V2/GX)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C801 (generic)S3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C805 (generic)S3 801/805XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C864 (generic)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C868 (generic)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C911 (generic)S3 911/924XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C924 (generic)S3 911/924XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C928 (generic)S3 928XF86_S3vga 
S3 86C964 (generic)S3 964XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C968 (generic)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
S3 86C988 (ViRGE/VX)S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 86CM65 (Aurora64V+)S3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
S3 911/924 (generic)S3 911/924XF86_S3vga 
S3 924 with SC1148 DACS3 924XF86_S3vga 
S3 928 (generic)S3 928XF86_S3vga 
S3 964 (generic)S3 964XF86_S3s3 
S3 968 (generic)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
S3 Aurora64V+ (generic)S3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
S3 Savage (generic)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage 2000 (generic)S3 Savage2000XF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage/MXS3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage3DS3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage4S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage4 (generic)S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Savage4 Pro+S3 SavageXF86_SVGAsavage 
S3 Trio32 (generic)S3 Trio32XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio3DS3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
S3 Trio3D/2XS3 Trio3DXF86_SVGAvesa 
S3 Trio64 (generic)S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio64V+ (generic)S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio64V2 (generic)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio64V2/DX (generic)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 Trio64V2/GX (generic)S3 Trio64V2XF86_S3s3 
S3 ViRGE (generic)S3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE (old S3V server)S3 ViRGEXF86_S3V  
S3 ViRGE/DX (generic)S3 ViRGE/DXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/GX (generic)S3 ViRGE/GXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/GX2 (generic)S3 ViRGE/GX2XF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/MX (generic)S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/MX+ (generic)S3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 ViRGE/VX (generic)S3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
S3 Vision864 (generic)S3 864XF86_S3vga 
S3 Vision868 (generic)S3 868XF86_S3vga 
S3 Vision964 (generic)S3 964XF86_S3s3 
S3 Vision968 (generic)S3 968XF86_S3s3 
SHARP 9080S3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
SHARP 9090S3 Aurora64V+XF86_S3s3 
SNI PC5H W32ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
SNI Scenic W32ET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
SPEA Mercury 64S3 964XF86_S3vga 
SPEA MirageS3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
SPEA/V7 MercuryS3 928XF86_S3vga 
SPEA/V7 Mirage P64S3 864XF86_S3vga 
SPEA/V7 Mirage P64 with S3 Trio64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
SPEA/V7 Mirage VEGA PlusALG-2228XF86_SVGAvga 
SPEA/V7 ShowTime PlusET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB HorizonCL-GD5426/28XF86_SVGAcirrus 
STB Horizon VideoCL-GD5440 cirrus 
STB LightSpeedET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB LightSpeed 128ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-2ET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-2 PCIET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-2XET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-4 PCIET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB MVP-4XET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
STB Nitro (64)CL-GD5434XF86_SVGAcirrus 
STB Nitro 3DS3 ViRGE/GXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
STB Nitro 64 VideoCL-GD5446 cirrus 
STB PegasusS3 928XF86_S3vga 
STB Powergraph 64S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
STB Powergraph 64 VideoS3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
STB Powergraph X-24S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
STB Systems Powergraph 3DS3 ViRGEXF86_SVGAs3virge 
STB Systems Velocity 3DS3 ViRGE/VXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
STB Velocity 128RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
STB Velocity 64 VideoS3 968XF86_S3s3 
STB nvidia 128RIVA128XF86_SVGAnv 
SiS 300SiS300XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 3D PRO AGPSiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 530SiS530XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 540SiS540XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 5597SiS5597XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 5598SIS5598XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 620SIS620XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 630SiS630XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS 6326SiS6326XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS SG86C201SIS86C201XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS SG86C205SIS86C205XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS SG86C215SIS86C215XF86_SVGAsis 
SiS SG86C225SIS86C225XF86_SVGAsis 
Sierra Screaming 3DVerite 1000XF86_SVGAvga 
Sigma ConcordeET4000/W32XF86_W32tseng 
Sigma LegendET4000XF86_SVGAtseng 
Silicon Motion Lynx (generic)LynxXF86_SVGAsiliconmotion 
Silicon Motion LynxEMLynxXF86_SVGAsiliconmotion 
Soyo AGP (SY-740 AGP)Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Spacewalker Hot-158Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Spider Black WidowAGX-015XF86_AGXvga 
Spider Black Widow PlusAGX-016XF86_AGXvga 
Spider Tarantula 64S3 964XF86_S3s3 
Spider VLB PlusCL-GD5428XF86_SVGAcirrus 
TechWorks ThunderboltET4000/W32XF86_W32tseng 
Techworks Ultimate 3DCL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
Toshiba Satellite 2050 CDSS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Satellite 2520 CDSS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Satellite 4030CDTCyber9525XF86_SVGAtrident 
Toshiba Satellite 4060CDTCyber9525XF86_SVGAtrident 
Toshiba Satellite 4080CDTCyber9525XF86_SVGAtrident 
Toshiba Tecra 540CDTS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Tecra 550CDTS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Tecra 750CDTS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Toshiba Tecra 750DVDS3 ViRGE/MXXF86_SVGAs3virge 
Trident 3DImage975 (generic)3dimage975XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident 3DImage975 AGP3dimage975XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident 3DImage985 (generic)3dimage985XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident 8900/9000 (generic)TVGA8900/9000XF86_SVGAvga 
Trident 8900D (generic)TVGA8900DXF86_SVGAvga 
Trident 9910CyberBladeXPXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident 9930CyberBladeXPmXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Blade3D (generic)Blade3DXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9320 (generic)Cyber9320XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9325 (generic)Cyber9325XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9382 (generic)Cyber9382XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9385 (generic)Cyber9385XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9388 (generic)Cyber9388XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 9397 (generic)Cyber9397XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyber 939a (generic)Cyber939a trident 
Trident Cyber 9520 (generic)Cyber9520 trident 
Trident Cyber 9525 (generic)Cyber9525XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident CyberBlade (generic)CyberBladeXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident CyberBlade/Ai1CyberBladeAi1XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident CyberBladeXPCyberBladeXPXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident CyberBladeXPmCyberBladeXPmXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident Cyberblade/i1  trident 
Trident Providia 9682 (generic)Providia9682 trident 
Trident Providia 9685 (generic)Providia9685 trident 
Trident TGUI9400CXi (generic)TGUI9400CXiXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9420 (generic)TGUI9420 trident 
Trident TGUI9420DGi (generic)TGUI9420DGiXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9430DGi (generic)TGUI9430DGiXF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9440 (generic)TGUI9440XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9660 (generic)TGUI9660XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9680 (generic)TGUI9680XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9682 (generic)TGUI9682XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TGUI9685 (generic)TGUI9685XF86_SVGAtrident 
Trident TVGA 8800BRGeneric VGAXF86_VGA16vga 
Trident TVGA 8800CSGeneric VGAXF86_VGA16vga 
Trident TVGA9200CXr (generic)TVGA9200CXrXF86_SVGAvga 
Unsupported VGA compatibleGeneric VGAXF86_VGA16vga 
VESA driver (generic)VESA VBE 2.0 vesa 
VL-41S3 801/805XF86_S3vga 
VidTech FastMax P20S3 864XF86_S3vga 
VideoExcel AGP 740Intel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 300S3 Trio64XF86_S3s3 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 400S3 Trio64V+XF86_S3s3 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 500S3 868XF86_S3vga 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 550CL-GD5464XF86_SVGAcirrus 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 560 (PCI/AGP)CL-GD5465XF86_SVGAcirrus 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 600ET6000XF86_SVGAtseng 
VideoLogic GrafixStar 700S3 968XF86_S3vga 
ViewTop PCIET4000/W32(i/p)XF86_SVGAtseng 
ViewTop ZeusL 8MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
Voodoo Banshee (generic)Voodoo BansheeXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Voodoo Rush (generic)Voodoo RushXF86_SVGAtdfx 
Voodoo3 (generic)Voodoo3XF86_SVGAtdfx 
Voodoo4 (generic)Voodoo4 tdfx 
Voodoo5 (generic)Voodoo5 tdfx 
WD 90C24 (laptop)WD90C24XF86_SVGAvga 
WD 90C24A or 90C24A2 (laptop)WD90C24AXF86_SVGAvga 
Weitek P9100 (generic)Weitek P9100XF86_SVGAvga 
WinFast S200    
WinFast S430S3 968XF86_S3vga 
WinFast S510S3 968XF86_S3vga 
Winfast S900 i740 AGP 8MBIntel 740XF86_SVGAi740 
XGA-1 (ISA bus)XGA-1XF86_AGXvga 
XGA-2 (ISA bus)XGA-2XF86_AGXvga 

6.2. Proprietary X servers

Proprietary X servers provide support for cards not supported by XFree86, and might give better performances for cards that are supported by XFree86. Contact the vendors directly or check the Commercial HOWTO for more info.

6.3. Kernel Framebuffer (fbdev)

The kernel supports a graphical console on some video cards. This support was originally designed for non-x86 architectures which generally do not have text-capable video cards. It was integrated into the kernel in 2.2, and now supports various video cards.

More information can be found at

The following cards are supported:

6.4. SVGALIB (graphics for console)

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