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25. USB

USB is supported in all 2.4.x kernels, as well as 2.2.18 and higher. The kernel driver supports both the Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI, used by Intel and Via motherboard chipsets) and the Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI, used by Compaq, Apple, SiS, OPTi, Lucent and ALi chipsets).

For more information, see

Below is a very incomplete list of USB hardware known to work with the Linux USB driver.

25.1. Digital Cameras

ManufacturerModel NameDriverNotes
SonyDSC-F505Vusb-storage Information from
SonyDSC-S70usb-storage Information from
SonyDSC-S50usb-storage Information from
SonyDSC-S30usb-storage Information from
SonyDSC-P1usb-storage Information from

25.2. Miscellaneous

ManufacturerModel NameDescriptionDriverNotes
SanDiskImageMateCompactFlash readerusb-storage 
SonyMSAC-US1Memory Stick Standalone USB Adaptorusb-storage Information from

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