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29. Appendix A. Supported Parallel Port devices

More and more, the parallel port is used to connect other devices than printers. To support this parallel port drivers are written for the devicesto work. This appendix presents devices for which parallel port support is written.

To be clear: printers are not presented in this appendix as they are not supported by parallel port support projects.

Also, check the Linux Parallel Port support pages for more information here. Here you can find

29.1. Ethernet

29.2. Hard drives

29.3. Tape drives

29.4. CD-ROM drives

29.5. Removable drives

29.6. IDE Adapter

29.7. SCSI Adapters

29.8. Digital Camera

29.9. PCMCIA parallel port cards

The parport_cs driver requires kernel 2.2.x or later

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