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4. Installing CSPM and its Requirements

This section describes how to acquire the Qt application development environment and install CSPM.

4.1. Installing Qt 3.0 or Later

Qt 3.0 or later must be installed on the system before you install CSPM. Follow these steps to acquire and configure Qt:

4.2. Installing CSPM

The following steps describe how to download and install CSPM and must be run by the root user. The installation process creates a directory called cspm and places all the files in that directory.

  1. Download CSPM from SourceForge at

  2. Untar the spm.tar.gz file:

    # tar xvzf spm.tar.gz

  3. Compile CSPM:

    # make all

    The make command creates the binary call spm in the current directory.

  4. Start the CSPM monitor:

    # ./spm

If a segmentation fault occurs when spm is starting up, make sure that you have set the QTDIR and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables, as described in the Qt installation instructions that are downloaded with the software.

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