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Apache based WebDAV Server with LDAP and SSL

Saqib Ali


Revision History
Revision v3.42002-06-29Revised by: sa
Added the section "How to generate a CSR"
Revision v3.32002-04-14Revised by: sa
Add the section of DAV server management.
Revision v3.22002-04-13Revised by: sa
Added the Litmus (WebDAV compatility tester) sub-section.
Revision v3.12002-04-11Revised by: sa
Updated the introduction section
Revision v3.02002-04-09Revised by: sa
Added "Implementing and using SSL to secure WebDAV traffic" section
Revision v2.12002-03-24Revised by: sa
Refined the WebDAV Introduction and SSL section.
Revision v2.02002-03-20Revised by: sa
Added the SSL section
Revision v1.12001-11-29Revised by: sa
Initial public release.
Revision v1.02001-11-01Revised by: sa
Initial public release.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright and License
1.2. What is WebDAV?
1.3. What do we need?
1.4. Assumptions
1.5. Opinions and Suggestions
2. Requirements
2.1. Basics
2.2. Apache 1.3.x
2.3. OpenSSL
2.4. OpenLDAP
2.5. mod_dav
2.6. mod_auth_ldap
2.7. mod_ssl
3. Installing WebDAV services
3.1. Ground Work
3.2. Pre-configuring Apache
3.3. Configuring and Installing mod_dav
3.4. Installing and configuring mod_auth_ldap
3.5. Installing and configuring mod_ssl
3.6. Configuring and Installing Apache
4. Configuring and Setting up the WebDAV services
4.1. Modifications to the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf
4.2. Creating a directory for DAVLockDB
4.3. Enabling DAV
4.4. Create a Directory called DAVtest
4.5. Restart Apache
4.6. WebDAV server protocol compliance testing
5. WebDAV server management
5.1. Restricting access to DAV shares
5.2. Restricting write access to DAV shares
6. Implementing and using SSL to secure WebDAV traffic
6.1. Introduction to SSL
6.2. Test Certificates
6.3. Certificates for Production use
6.4. How to generate a CSR
6.5. Removing passphrase from the RSA Private Key
6.6. Trusted Certificate Authorities

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