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5 Building a kern.flp Installation Floppy with the fla Driver

Note: This section of the article is relevant only to those using M-Systems Disk-On-Chip flash media.

It is possible that your kern.flp boot floppy does not have a kernel with the fla driver compiled into it necessary for the system to recognize the Disk-On-Chip. If you have booted off of the installation floppies and are told that no disks are present, then you are probably lacking the fla driver in your kernel.

After you have built a kernel with fla support that is smaller than 1.4 megabytes, you can create a custom kern.flp floppy image with it by following these instructions:

  1. Obtain an existing kern.flp image file

  2.     # vnconfig vn0c kern.flp

  3.     # mount /dev/vn0c /mnt

  4. Place your kernel file into /mnt, replacing the existing one

  5.     # vnconfig -d vn0c

Your kern.flp file now has your new kernel on it.

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