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4 Distribution

4.1 FTP Sites

When the release has been thoroughly tested and packaged for distribution, the master FTP site must be updated. The official FreeBSD public FTP sites are all mirrors of a master server that is open only to other FTP sites. This site is known as ftp-master. When the release is ready, the following files must be modified on ftp-master:


A simple web page that points to the various important FTP directories for the current FreeBSD release.


The installable FTP directory as output from make release.


The complete package build for this release.


A symlink to ../../../tools.


A symlink to ../../../ports/i386/packages-X.Y-release.


The ISO images.

For more information about the distribution mirror architecture of the FreeBSD FTP sites, please see the Mirroring FreeBSD article.

It may take many hours after updating ftp-master before a majority of the Tier-1 FTP sites have the new software. It is imperative that the release engineers coordinate with the FreeBSD mirror sites mailing list before announcing the general availability of new software on the FTP sites.

4.2 CD-ROM Replication

Coming soon: Tips for sending FreeBSD ISOs to a replicator and quality assurance measures to be taken.

This, and other documents, can be downloaded from

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