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Chapter 16 A Sample Makefile

Here is a sample Makefile that you can use to create a new port. Make sure you remove all the extra comments (ones between brackets)!

It is recommended that you follow this format (ordering of variables, empty lines between sections, etc.). This format is designed so that the most important information is easy to locate. We recommend that you use portlint to check the Makefile.

    [the header...just to make it easier for us to identify the ports.]
    # New ports collection makefile for:   xdvi
    [the "version required" line is only needed when the PORTVERSION
     variable is not specific enough to describe the port.]
    # Date created:                26 May 1995
    [this is the person who did the original port to FreeBSD, in particular, the
    person who wrote the first version of this Makefile.  Remember, this should
    not be changed when upgrading the port later.]
    # Whom:                        Satoshi Asami <>
    # $FreeBSD$
    [ ^^^^^^^^^ This will be automatically replaced with RCS ID string by CVS
    when it is committed to our repository.  If upgrading a port, do not alter
    this line back to "$FreeBSD$".  CVS deals with it automatically.]
    [section to describe the port itself and the master site - PORTNAME
     and PORTVERSION are always first, followed by CATEGORIES,
     and then MASTER_SITES, which can be followed by MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR.
     PKGNAMEPREFIX and PKGNAMESUFFIX, if needed, will be after that.
     Then comes DISTNAME, EXTRACT_SUFX and/or DISTFILES, and then
     EXTRACT_ONLY, as necessary.]
    PORTNAME=      xdvi
    PORTVERSION=   18.2
    CATEGORIES=    print
    [do not forget the trailing slash ("/")!
     if you are not using MASTER_SITE_* macros]
    MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR= applications
    DISTNAME=      xdvi-pl18
    [set this if the source is not in the standard ".tar.gz" form]
    EXTRACT_SUFX=  .tar.Z
    [section for distributed patches -- can be empty]
    PATCHFILES=    xdvi-18.patch1.gz xdvi-18.patch2.gz
    [maintainer; *mandatory*!  This is the person (preferably with commit
     privileges) whom a user can contact for questions and bug reports - this
     person should be the porter or someone who can forward questions to the
     original porter reasonably promptly.  If you really do not want to have
     your address here, set it to "".]
    [dependencies -- can be empty]
    RUN_DEPENDS=   gs:${PORTSDIR}/print/ghostscript
    LIB_DEPENDS=   Xpm.5:${PORTSDIR}/graphics/xpm
    [this section is for other standard variables that do not
     belong to any of the above]
    [If it asks questions during configure, build, install...]
    IS_INTERACTIVE=        yes
    [If it extracts to a directory other than ${DISTNAME}...]
    WRKSRC=                ${WRKDIR}/xdvi-new
    [If the distributed patches were not made relative to ${WRKSRC}, you
     may need to tweak this]
    PATCH_DIST_STRIP=      -p1
    [If it requires a "configure" script generated by GNU autoconf to be run]
    [If it requires GNU make, not /usr/bin/make, to build...]
    USE_GMAKE=     yes
    [If it is an X application and requires "xmkmf -a" to be run...]
    USE_IMAKE=     yes
    [et cetera.]
    [non-standard variables to be used in the rules below]
    MY_FAVORITE_RESPONSE=  "yeah, right"
    [then the special rules, in the order they are called]
            i go fetch something, yeah
            i need to do something after patch, great
            and then some more stuff before installing, wow
    [and then the epilogue]
    .include <>
For questions about the FreeBSD ports system, e-mail <>.
For questions about this documentation, e-mail <>.

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