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15.6 __FreeBSD_version values

Release __FreeBSD_version
2.0-RELEASE 119411
2.1-CURRENT 199501, 199503
2.0.5-RELEASE 199504
2.2-CURRENT before 2.1 199508
2.1.0-RELEASE 199511
2.2-CURRENT before 2.1.5 199512
2.1.5-RELEASE 199607
2.2-CURRENT before 2.1.6 199608
2.1.6-RELEASE 199612
2.1.7-RELEASE 199612
2.2-RELEASE 220000
2.2.1-RELEASE 220000 (no change)
2.2-STABLE after 2.2.1-RELEASE 220000 (no change)
2.2-STABLE after texinfo-3.9 221001
2.2-STABLE after top 221002
2.2.2-RELEASE 222000
2.2-STABLE after 2.2.2-RELEASE 222001
2.2.5-RELEASE 225000
2.2-STABLE after 2.2.5-RELEASE 225001
2.2-STABLE after ldconfig -R merge 225002
2.2.6-RELEASE 226000
2.2.7-RELEASE 227000
2.2-STABLE after 2.2.7-RELEASE 227001
2.2-STABLE after semctl(2) change 227002
2.2.8-RELEASE 228000
2.2-STABLE after 2.2.8-RELEASE 228001
3.0-CURRENT before mount(2) change 300000
3.0-CURRENT after mount(2) change 300001
3.0-CURRENT after semctl(2) change 300002
3.0-CURRENT after ioctl arg changes 300003
3.0-CURRENT after ELF conversion 300004
3.0-RELEASE 300005
3.0-CURRENT after 3.0-RELEASE 300006
3.0-STABLE after 3/4 branch 300007
3.1-RELEASE 310000
3.1-STABLE after 3.1-RELEASE 310001
3.1-STABLE after C++ constructor/destructor order change 310002
3.2-RELEASE 320000
3.2-STABLE 320001
3.2-STABLE after binary-incompatible IPFW and socket changes 320002
3.3-RELEASE 330000
3.3-STABLE 330001
3.3-STABLE after adding mkstemp(3) to libc 330002
3.4-RELEASE 340000
3.4-STABLE 340001
3.5-RELEASE 350000
3.5-STABLE 350001
4.0-CURRENT after 3.4 branch 400000
4.0-CURRENT after change in dynamic linker handling 400001
4.0-CURRENT after C++ constructor/destructor order change 400002
4.0-CURRENT after functioning dladdr(3) 400003
4.0-CURRENT after __deregister_frame_info dynamic linker bug fix (also 4.0-CURRENT after EGCS 1.1.2 integration) 400004
4.0-CURRENT after suser(9) API change (also 4.0-CURRENT after newbus) 400005
4.0-CURRENT after cdevsw registration change 400006
4.0-CURRENT after the addition of so_cred for socket level credentials 400007
4.0-CURRENT after the addition of a poll syscall wrapper to libc_r 400008
4.0-CURRENT after the change of the kernel's dev_t type to struct specinfo pointer 400009
4.0-CURRENT after fixing a hole in jail(2) 400010
4.0-CURRENT after the sigset_t datatype change 400011
4.0-CURRENT after the cutover to the GCC 2.95.2 compiler 400012
4.0-CURRENT after adding pluggable linux-mode ioctl handlers 400013
4.0-CURRENT after importing OpenSSL 400014
4.0-CURRENT after the C++ ABI change in GCC 2.95.2 from -fvtable-thunks to -fno-vtable-thunks by default 400015
4.0-CURRENT after importing OpenSSH 400016
4.0-RELEASE 400017
4.0-STABLE after 4.0-RELEASE 400018
4.0-STABLE after the introduction of delayed checksums. 400019
4.0-STABLE after merging libxpg4 code into libc. 400020
4.0-STABLE after upgrading Binutils to 2.10.0, ELF branding changes, and tcsh in the base system. 400021
4.1-RELEASE 410000
4.1-STABLE after 4.1-RELEASE 410001
4.1-STABLE after setproctitle(3) moved from libutil to libc. 410002
4.1.1-RELEASE 411000
4.1.1-STABLE after 4.1.1-RELEASE 411001
4.2-RELEASE 420000
4.2-STABLE after combining libgcc.a and libgcc_r.a, and associated GCC linkage changes. 420001
4.3-RELEASE 430000
4.3-STABLE after wint_t introduction. 430001
4.3-STABLE after PCI powerstate API merge. 430002
4.4-RELEASE 440000
4.4-STABLE after d_thread_t introduction. 440001
4.4-STABLE after mount structure changes (affects filesystem klds). 440002
4.4-STABLE after the userland components of smbfs were imported. 440003
4.5-RELEASE 450000
4.5-STABLE after the usb structure element rename. 450001
4.5-STABLE after the sendmail_enable rc.conf(5) variable was made to take the value NONE. 450004
4.5-STABLE after moving to XFree86 4 by default for package builds. 450005
4.5-STABLE after accept filtering was fixed so that is no longer susceptible to an easy DoS. 450006
4.6-RELEASE 460000
4.6-STABLE sendfile(2) fixed to comply with documentation, not to count any headers sent against the amount of data to be sent from the file. 460001
4.6-STABLE after MFC of `sed -i'. 460101
4.7-RELEASE 470000
5.0-CURRENT 500000
5.0-CURRENT after adding addition ELF header fields, and changing our ELF binary branding method. 500001
5.0-CURRENT after kld metadata changes. 500002
5.0-CURRENT after buf/bio changes. 500003
5.0-CURRENT after binutils upgrade. 500004
5.0-CURRENT after merging libxpg4 code into libc and after TASKQ interface introduction. 500005
5.0-CURRENT after the addition of AGP interfaces. 500006
5.0-CURRENT after Perl upgrade to 5.6.0 500007
5.0-CURRENT after the update of KAME code to 2000/07 sources. 500008
5.0-CURRENT after ether_ifattach() and ether_ifdetach() changes. 500009
5.0-CURRENT after changing mtree defaults back to original variant, adding -L to follow symlinks. 500010
5.0-CURRENT after kqueue API changed. 500011
5.0-CURRENT after setproctitle(3) moved from libutil to libc. 500012
5.0-CURRENT after the first SMPng commit. 500013
5.0-CURRENT after <sys/select.h> moved to <sys/selinfo.h>. 500014
5.0-CURRENT after combining libgcc.a and libgcc_r.a, and associated GCC linkage changes. 500015
5.0-CURRENT after change allowing libc and libc_r to be linked together, deprecating -pthread option. 500016
5.0-CURRENT after switch from struct ucred to struct xucred to stabilize kernel-exported API for mountd et al. 500017
5.0-CURRENT after addition of CPUTYPE make variable for controlling CPU-specific optimizations. 500018
5.0-CURRENT after moving machine/ioctl_fd.h to sys/fdcio.h 500019
5.0-CURRENT after locale names renaming. 500020
5.0-CURRENT after Bzip2 import. 500021
5.0-CURRENT after SSE support. 500022
5.0-CURRENT after KSE Milestone 2. 500023
5.0-CURRENT after d_thread_t, and moving UUCP to ports. 500024
5.0-CURRENT after ABI change for discriptor and creds passing on 64 bit platforms. 500025
5.0-CURRENT after moving to XFree86 4 by default for package builds, and after the new libc strnstr() function was added. 500026
5.0-CURRENT after the new libc strcasestr() function was added. 500027
5.0-CURRENT after the userland components of smbfs were imported. 500028
5.0-CURRENT after the new C99 specific-width integer types were added. (Not incremented.)
5.0-CURRENT after a change was made in the return value of sendfile(2). 500029
5.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the type fflags_t, which is the appropriate size for file flags. 500030
5.0-CURRENT after the usb structure element rename. 500031
5.0-CURRENT after the introduction of Perl 5.6.1. 500032
5.0-CURRENT after the sendmail_enable rc.conf(5) variable was made to take the value NONE. 500033
5.0-CURRENT after mtx_init() grew a third argument. 500034
5.0-CURRENT with Gcc 3.1. 500035
5.0-CURRENT without Perl in /usr/src 500036
5.0-CURRENT after the addition of dlfunc(3) 500037
5.0-CURRENT after the types of some struct sockbuf members were changed and the structure was reordered. 500038
5.0-CURRENT after headers stopped using _BSD_FOO_T_ and started using _FOO_T_DECLARED. This value can also be used as a conservative estimate of the start of bzip2(1) package support. 500039
5.0-CURRENT after various changes to disk functions were made in the name of removing dependancy on disklabel structure internals. 500040
5.0-CURRENT after the addition of getopt_long(3) to libc. 500041

Note: Note that 2.2-STABLE sometimes identifies itself as ``2.2.5-STABLE'' after the 2.2.5-RELEASE. The pattern used to be year followed by the month, but we decided to change it to a more straightforward major/minor system starting from 2.2. This is because the parallel development on several branches made it infeasible to classify the releases simply by their real release dates. If you are making a port now, you do not have to worry about old -CURRENTs; they are listed here just for your reference.

For questions about the FreeBSD ports system, e-mail <>.
For questions about this documentation, e-mail <>.

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