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The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide

Ted Mittelstaedt

The eighth chapter of the book, The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide is excerpted here with the permission of the publisher. No part of it may be further reproduced or distributed without the publisher's express written . The other chapters of the book covers topics such as system administration, fileserving, and e-mail delivery. More information about this book is available from the publisher, with whom you can also sign up to receive news of related titles. The author's web site for the book includes sample code, working examples, errata and a Q&A forum, and is available at


Table of Contents
8 Printserving
8.1 PC printing history
8.2 Printer communication protocols and hardware
8.2.1 ASCII Printing Protocol
8.2.2 PostScript Printing Protocol
8.2.3 HPPCL Printing Protocol
8.3 Network Printing Basics
8.3.1 Printservers
8.3.2 Printspools
8.4 Setting up LPR on Windows clients
8.4.1 Windows 3.1/Windows for Workgroups 3.11
8.4.2 Installation of the Novell TCP/IP Winsock client
8.4.3 Installation of the LPR client on 16-bit Windows with a Winsock installed
8.4.4 Installation of LPR client on Windows 95/98
8.4.5 Installation of LPR client on Windows NT
8.5 Printing PostScript and DOS command files
8.6 Checking PostScript Printer capabilities
8.7 Setting up LPR/LPD on FreeBSD
8.7.1 Creating the spools
8.7.2 Additional spool capabilities
8.7.3 Printing to hardware print server boxes or remote print servers.
8.7.4 Filters
8.8 Printer Accounting
8.9 Microsoft Networking Client printing with Samba
8.9.1 Client access issues
8.9.2 Printer entries in configuration files
8.9.3 Browsing output
8.10 Printing between NT Server/NetWare and FreeBSD.
8.11 Printing from UNIX
8.11.1 lp
8.11.2 lpr
8.11.3 Managing the UNIX Print Queue
8.12 Advanced Printing Topics
8.12.1 Ghostscript
8.12.2 a2ps filter
8.13 Miscellaneous
List of Figures
8-1. Printserver on the fileserver
8-2. Printserver on a separate PC
8-3. Printserver on a separate hardware box
8-4. Printserver in the printer
8-5. Print spool locations
8-6. Microsoft Networking Client printing with Samba
List of Examples
8-1. /etc/printcap
8-2. /usr/local/etc/smb.conf
8-3. /etc/printcap
8-4. /usr/local/libexec/ascii2postscript

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