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zsh (1)
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         zsh - the Z shell
         Because zsh contains many features, the zsh manual has  been
         split into a number of sections:
            zsh          Zsh overview (this section)
            zshbuiltins  Zsh built-in functions
            zshcompctl   Zsh completion control
            zshexpn      Zsh command and parameter expansion
            zshparam     Zsh parameters
            zshzle       Zsh command line editing
            zshoptions   Zsh options
            zshmisc      Currently everything else
            zshall       Meta-man page containing all of the above
         Zsh is a UNIX  command  interpreter  (shell)  usable  as  an
         interactive  login  shell and as a shell script command pro-
         cessor.  Of the standard shells, zsh most closely  resembles
         ksh  but  includes  many  enhancements.  Zsh has comand line
         editing, builtin spelling correction,  programmable  command
         completion,  shell  functions  (with autoloading), a history
         mechanism, and a host of other features.
         If the -s flag is not present and an argument is given,  the
         first  argument  is  taken to be the pathname of a script to
         execute.  The remaining arguments are assigned to the  posi-
         tional  parameters.   The following flags are interpreted by
         the shell when invoked:
         -c string
              Read commands from string.
         -i   Force shell to be interactive.
         -s   Read command from the standard input.
         Commands are first read from /etc/zshenv.  If the RCS option
         is  unset within /etc/zshenv, all other initialization files
         are   skipped.    Otherwise,   commands   are   read    from
         $ZDOTDIR/.zshenv.   (If  ZDOTDIR  is  unset,  HOME  is  used
         instead).  If the first character of argument zero passed to
         the shell is -, or if the -l flag is present, then the shell
         is assumed to be a login shell, and commands are  read  from
         /etc/zprofile  and  then  $ZDOTDIR/.zprofile.   Then, if the
         shell is interactive, commands are read from /etc/zshrc  and
         then  $ZDOTDIR/.zshrc.   Finally,  if  the  shell is a login
         shell, /etc/zlogin and $ZDOTDIR/.zlogin are read.
         ${TMPPREFIX}*   (default is /tmp/zsh*)
         Zsh was originally written by  Paul  Falstad  <>.
         Zsh  is  now  maintained  by  the members of the zsh workers
         mailing list   The  development
         is     currently     coordinated     by    Zoltan    Hidvegi
         sh(1), csh(1),  tcsh(1),  bash(1),  ksh(1),  zshbuiltins(1),
         zshcompctl(1),  zshexpn(1),  zshparam(1),  zshzle(1), zshop-
         tions(1), zshmisc(1).
         IEEE Standard for information Technology - Portable  Operat-
         ing  System Interface (POSIX) - Part 2: Shell and Utilities,
         IEEE Inc, 1993, ISBN 1-55937-255-9.
         Source for zsh is available in the SUNWzshS package.

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