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terminfo (5)
  • terminfo (4) ( Solaris man: Специальные файлы /dev/* )
  • >> terminfo (5) ( Solaris man: Форматы файлов )
  • terminfo (5) ( FreeBSD man: Форматы файлов )
  • terminfo (5) ( Linux man: Форматы файлов )
         terminfo - terminal capability data base
         Terminfo is  a  data  base  describing  terminals,  used  by
         screen-oriented   programs  such  as  nvi(1),  rogue(1)  and
         libraries such as curses(3X).  Terminfo describes  terminals
         by giving a set of capabilities which they have, by specify-
         ing how to perform screen operations, and by specifying pad-
         ding requirements and initialization sequences.
         Entries in terminfo consist of a sequence of  `,'  separated
         fields  (embedded commas may be escaped with a  backslash or
         notated as \072).  White space after the  `,'  separator  is
         ignored.   The first entry for each terminal gives the names
         which are known for the terminal, separated by  `|'  charac-
         ters.   The first name given is the most common abbreviation
         for the terminal, the last name given should be a long  name
         fully  identifying  the  terminal, and all others are under-
         stood as synonyms for the terminal name.  All names but  the
         last should be in lower case and contain no blanks; the last
         name may well contain upper case and blanks for readability.
         Terminal names (except for the last, verbose  entry)  should
         be  chosen  using the following conventions.  The particular
         piece of hardware making up the terminal should have a  root
         name,   thus  ``hp2621''.   This  name  should  not  contain
         hyphens.  Modes that the hardware can be in, or user prefer-
         ences,  should be indicated by appending a hyphen and a mode
         suffix.  Thus, a vt100 in 132 column mode would be  vt100-w.
         The following suffixes should be used where possible:
         Suffix                  Meaning                   Example
         -nn      Number of lines on the screen            aaa-60
         -np      Number of pages of memory                c100-4p
         -am      With automargins (usually the default)   vt100-am
         -m       Mono mode; suppress color                ansi-m
         -mc      Magic cookie; spaces when highlighting   wy30-mc
         -na      No arrow keys (leave them in local)      c100-na
         -nam     Without automatic margins                vt100-nam
         -nl      No status line                           att4415-nl
         -ns      No status line                           hp2626-ns
         -rv      Reverse video                            c100-rv
         -s       Enable status line                       vt100-s
         -vb      Use visible bell instead of beep         wy370-vb
         -w       Wide mode (> 80 columns, usually 132)    vt100-w
         For more on terminal naming  conventions,  see  the  term(7)
         manual page.
         The following  is  a  complete  table  of  the  capabilities
         included  in  a  terminfo description block and available to
         terminfo-using code.  In each line of the table,
         The variable is the name by which  the  programmer  (at  the
         terminfo level) accesses the capability.
         The capname is the short name used in the text of the  data-
         base,  and is used by a person updating the database.  When-
         ever possible, capnames are chosen to  be  the  same  as  or
         similar  to  the ANSI X3.64-1979 standard (now superseded by
         ECMA-48,  which  uses  identical  or  very  similar  names).
         Semantics are also intended to match those of the specifica-
         The termcap code is the old termcap  capability  name  (some
         capabilities  are  new, and have names which termcap did not
         Capability names have no hard length limit, but an  informal
         limit  of  5  characters has been adopted to keep them short
         and to allow the tabs in the source file  Caps  to  line  up
         Finally, the description field attempts to convey the seman-
         tics  of  the  capability.   You  may find some codes in the
         description field:
         (P)  indicates that padding may be specified
              in the description field indicates that the  string  is
              passed through tparm with parms as given (#i).
         (P*) indicates that padding may vary in  proportion  to  the
              number of lines affected
         (#i) indicates the ith parameter.
         These are the boolean capabilities:
               Variable            Cap-     TCap       Description
               Booleans            name     Code
       auto_left_margin            bw       bw     cub1 wraps from
                                                   column 0 to last
       auto_right_margin           am       am     terminal has
                                                   automatic margins
       back_color_erase            bce      ut     screen erased with
                                                   background color
       can_change                  ccc      cc     terminal can re-
                                                   define existing
       ceol_standout_glitch        xhp      xs     standout not erased
                                                   by overwriting (hp)
       col_addr_glitch             xhpa     YA     only positive motion
                                                   for hpa/mhpa caps
       cpi_changes_res             cpix     YF     changing character
                                                   pitch changes reso-
       cr_cancels_micro_mode       crxm     YB     using cr turns off
                                                   micro mode
       dest_tabs_magic_smso        xt       xt     tabs destructive,
                                                   magic so char
       eat_newline_glitch          xenl     xn     newline ignored
                                                   after 80 cols (con-
       erase_overstrike            eo       eo     can erase over-
                                                   strikes with a blank
       generic_type                gn       gn     generic line type
       hard_copy                   hc       hc     hardcopy terminal
       hard_cursor                 chts     HC     cursor is hard to
       has_meta_key                km       km     Has a meta key
                                                   (i.e., sets 8th-bit)
       has_print_wheel             daisy    YC     printer needs opera-
                                                   tor to change char-
                                                   acter set
       has_status_line             hs       hs     has extra status
       hue_lightness_saturation    hls      hl     terminal uses only
                                                   HLS color notation
       insert_null_glitch          in       in     insert mode distin-
                                                   guishes nulls
       lpi_changes_res             lpix     YG     changing line pitch
                                                   changes resolution
       memory_above                da       da     display may be
                                                   retained above the
       memory_below                db       db     display may be
                                                   retained below the
       move_insert_mode            mir      mi     safe to move while
                                                   in insert mode
       move_standout_mode          msgr     ms     safe to move while
                                                   in standout mode
       needs_xon_xoff              nxon     nx     padding won't work,
                                                   xon/xoff required
       no_esc_ctlc                 xsb      xb     beehive (f1=escape,
                                                   f2=ctrl C)
       no_pad_char                 npc      NP     pad character does
                                                   not exist
       non_dest_scroll_region      ndscr    ND     scrolling region is
       non_rev_rmcup               nrrmc    NR     smcup does not
                                                   reverse rmcup
       over_strike                 os       os     terminal can over-
       prtr_silent                 mc5i     5i     printer won't echo
                                                   on screen
       row_addr_glitch             xvpa     YD     only positive motion
                                                   for vpa/mvpa caps
       semi_auto_right_margin      sam      YE     printing in last
                                                   column causes cr
       status_line_esc_ok          eslok    es     escape can be used
                                                   on the status line
       tilde_glitch                hz       hz     can't print ~'s
       transparent_underline       ul       ul     underline character
       xon_xoff                    xon      xo     terminal uses
                                                   xon/xoff handshaking
         These are the numeric capabilities:
               Variable            Cap-     TCap       Description
                Numeric            name     Code
       columns                     cols     co     number of columns in
                                                   a line
       init_tabs                   it       it     tabs initially every
                                                   # spaces
       label_height                lh       lh     rows in each label
       label_width                 lw       lw     columns in each
       lines                       lines    li     number of lines on
                                                   screen or page
       lines_of_memory             lm       lm     lines of memory if >
                                                   line. 0 means varies
       magic_cookie_glitch         xmc      sg     number of blank
                                                   characters left by
                                                   smso or rmso
       max_attributes              ma       ma     maximum combined
                                                   attributes terminal
                                                   can handle
       max_colors                  colors   Co     maximum number of
                                                   colors on screen
       max_pairs                   pairs    pa     maximum number of
                                                   color-pairs on the
       maximum_windows             wnum     MW     maximum number of
                                                   defineable windows
       no_color_video              ncv      NC     video attributes
                                                   that can't be used
                                                   with colors
       num_labels                  nlab     Nl     number of labels on
       padding_baud_rate           pb       pb     lowest baud rate
                                                   where padding needed
       virtual_terminal            vt       vt     virtual terminal
                                                   number (CB/unix)
       width_status_line           wsl      ws     number of columns in
                                                   status line
         The following numeric capabilities are present in the SVr4.0
         term  structure, but are not yet documented in the man page.
         They came in with SVr4's printer support.
               Variable            Cap-     TCap       Description
                Numeric            name     Code
       bit_image_entwining         bitwin   Yo     number of passes for
                                                   each bit-image row
       bit_image_type              bitype   Yp     type of bit-image
       buffer_capacity             bufsz    Ya     numbers of bytes
                                                   buffered before
       buttons                     btns     BT     number of buttons on
       dot_horz_spacing            spinh    Yc     spacing of dots hor-
                                                   izontally in dots
                                                   per inch
       dot_vert_spacing            spinv    Yb     spacing of pins
                                                   vertically in pins
                                                   per inch
       max_micro_address           maddr    Yd     maximum value in
       max_micro_jump              mjump    Ye     maximum value in
       micro_col_size              mcs      Yf     character step size
                                                   when in micro mode
       micro_line_size             mls      Yg     line step size when
                                                   in micro mode
       number_of_pins              npins    Yh     numbers of pins in
       output_res_char             orc      Yi     horizontal resolu-
                                                   tion in units per
       output_res_horz_inch        orhi     Yk     horizontal resolu-
                                                   tion in units per
       output_res_line             orl      Yj     vertical resolution
                                                   in units per line
       output_res_vert_inch        orvi     Yl     vertical resolution
                                                   in units per inch
       print_rate                  cps      Ym     print rate in char-
                                                   acters per second
       wide_char_size              widcs    Yn     character step size
                                                   when in double wide
         These are the string capabilities:

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