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Microsoft Linux []

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- TMN.NEWS (2:5077/15.22) ------------------------------------------ TMN.NEWS -
 From : Alex Christensen                    2:5077/7        11 Sep 00  22:56:50
 Subj : Microsoft Linux [;
                          Hello, respected All !

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MS Linux: Shipping in November 2001


Microsoft Linux provides all the power of the Linux Operating System with the
ease of use you've come to expect from Microsoft Products.

Microsoft Linux brings a new level of productivity to Linux, without
sacrificing flexibility, performance, and control. In addition to features like
My Home Directory and My Configuration, Microsoft Linux contains greatly
improved support for Web and Enterprise development.

With Microsoft Linux Enterprise Edition, you can create scalable multi-tier
applications using our new Graphical User Interface command-Line Technology
(GUILT)?. Extend your productivity with optimized support for Internet
Active-XWindows? Technology and built-in Internet Xplorer web browser.

Why Upgrade To Microsoft Linux?

Internet Integration: You can now connect directly to the Web from anywhere on 
your computer through the new MSN Daemon -- no more hassling with pppd -- and
use the Internet Xplorer browser to surf to any file or directory on your

More Swap Space: Microsoft Linux provides an average of 28 percent more swap
space, thanks to a feature called IntelliSwap that enables more efficient use
of your hard drive.

Faster Applications: Microsoft Linux loads your most frequently used
applications up to 36 percent faster, thanks to GUILT's? new type-ahead
command-line features.

Microsoft Linux Update: is a Web site that makes it easy to download the latest
software updates for your specific computer. No more untarring and gunzipping
problems thanks to new Graphical Point-And-Click RPM Management.

Supports Current and New Generation Hardware: Microsoft Linux supports all the 
hardware devices you now run on your current Linux installation, plus it
supports a new generation of hardware that includes Plug-and-Play For Linux?
devices--which make adding and removing peripherals a snap.

Automatic Computer Maintenance: The Maintenance Daemon (scand) in Microsoft
Linux helps you quickly set up a routine of automatic tune-up activities that
keep your computer running in top form.

Troubleshooting Daemon: Microsoft Linux includes a new Troubleshooting Daemon
(crapd) that help you zero in on a solution if you ever have a problem.

Support Services: Microsoft is proud to announce a new MS Linux support line,
available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week to assist you with any problems you may
have installing or using MS Linux. Just call 1-900-MS-LINUX.

How do I get MS Linux?

We are now offering the MS Linux Introductory CD at a special introductory
price of only $249.99 (plus shipping and handling), if you order before it

MS Linux is released under the provisions of the Gates Private License, which
means you can freely use this Software on a single machine without warranty
after having paid the purchase price and annual renewal fees.
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    Вот прикол :-))) Может в .HUMOR это? :-)

                      I have honour to say Goodbye now.
... LINUX - It is now safe to turn ON your computer!
 * Origin: Memphis BBS Station (Tyumen/Russia) (2:5077/7)

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