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urpmq (8)
  • >> urpmq (8) ( Linux man: Команды системного администрирования )


    urpmq - urpmi database query tool.


    urpmq [options] [package_names | rpm_files...]  


    urpmq allows querying the urpmi database. It is for you if want to list available packages in the various media of urpmi, or list dependancies of packages or packages that will be installed if you start urpmi.

    Output format of urpmq is the following according to command line options:



    print an help message and exit.
    use only update media. This means urpmq will search and resolve dependencies only in media marked as update.
    automatically select all packages that have to be upgraded according to already installed packages and packages listed in various media registered.
    extract headers for package selected to standard output.
    print source url (or file) of all packages selected.
    ignore error of inexistant packages requested.
    activate verbose mode.
    select dependancies (maximal closure).
    deselect packages if a better version is already installed, this option can be used with -d to simulate -M mode of urpmi.
    choose minimun closure of requires. This is a relatively slow algorithm that tries to minimize the number of package to upgrade to only what is really necessary.
    disable minimal closure algorithm so both -d and -u are similar to -M mode of urpmi.
    if maximal closure is used, assume that a package listed mey have wrong or not up-to-date dependancies. This cause more package to be upgraded and may correct unresolved dependancies on the rpm database.
    allow search in provides to find package.
    print group of each packages listed.
    print version and release of each packages listed.
    print closure of required packages needed by requested packages on command line.


    The urpmq executable (perl script)

    Contains the list of all packages known by urpmi and their location. There is one filelist per media(*).

    Contain information about all known packages, it's a summary of rpm headers. There is one filelist per media(*).

    Contain synthesis information about all known packages built from hdlist files that can be used by minimal closure algorithm. If these files are not present use urpmi.update -a to generate them. These files are not mandatory.

    Contains media description, previous format from older urpmi is accepted.

    Contains package names that should be not automatically updated.

    A simple text file containning all dependencies of all known packages.

    A simple text file containning all provides and the list of associated packages that contains them.

    A simple text file containning for each Group used the list of package in this group.  


    urpmi(8), urpmi.addmedia(8), urpmi.update(8), urpmi.removemedia(8), autoirpm(8), gurpmi(8), urpmf(8), rpmdrake(8)  


    Francois Pons, Mandrakesoft




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