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jikes (1)
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    jikes - java source to bytecode compiler


    jikes [-bootclasspath path] [-classpath path] [-d directory] [-debug] [-depend] [-deprecation] [-encoding encoding] [-extdirs path] [-g] [-nowarn] [-nowrite] [-O] [-verbose] [-sourcepath path] [-Xdepend] [-Xstdout] [++] [+B] [+OLDCSO] [+D] [+DR=filename] [+E] [+F] [+K] [+M] [+P] [+Tnn] [+U] [+Z] [+c] ...  


    Jikes translates Java(TM) source files to bytecode. Features include strict adherence to the language specification, automatic makefile generation and incremental compilation. It is maintained by the Jikes Project.



    Jikes may be invoked with the following command-line options:
    -bootclasspath path
    use path for the bootclasspath
    -classpath path
    use path for CLASSPATH
    -d directory
    write class files in specified directory
    no effect (recognized for compatibility)
    recompile all used classes
    report uses of deprecated features
    use specified encoding to read source files
    -extdirs path
    use path for extensions directories
    debug (generate LocalVariableTable attribute)
    do not issue warning messages
    do not write any class files
    do not write LineNumberTable
    -sourcepath path
    use path for specifying "source only" directories
    list files read and written
    same as -depend
    write error messages to standard output, not stderr
    compile in incremental mode
    do not invoke bytecode generator
    Select to use same classpath search order as in older versions of Jikes (for compatibility).
    report errors immediately in emacs-form without buffering
    write report of dependencies to specified file
    list errors in emacs-form
    do full dependence check except for Zip and Jar files
    map name to type keyword
    generate makefile dependencies
    Pedantic compilation - issues lots of warnings
    set value of tab to nn spaces
    do full dependence check including Zip and Jar files
    treat cautions as errors
    do not discard comments from lexer output

    An argument may have the form @file; each line of file is then interpreted as an argument, except that lines beginning with @ are not expanded recursively.



    Jikes has several options related to classpath searching. The -bootclasspath, -extdirs, and -sourcepath options are the same as in javac. In addition to being specified on the command line, the environment variables BOOTCLASSPATH, EXTDIRS, and SOURCEPATH may also be used to specify values for these options, respectively. Jikes also has the -classpath option as in javac, with the corresponding environment variable CLASSPATH. The classpath may also be specified in the environment variable JIKESPATH. If JIKESPATH and CLASSPATH coexist, preference will be given to JIKESPATH. A value specified on the command line will be always be given preference over the value of any environment variable. All the directories and files specified in these options or environment variables must be in a colon-separated list, e.g., ".:$HOME/java/jre/lib/rt.jar".  


    Jikes Project homepage for news of recent developments, to download new versions, to report bugs, or to learn how to participate in the development process.



    Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, International Business Machines Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.

    Jikes is licensed under the IBM Public License, included in the file license.htm distributed with the program, and also available at the Jikes Project URL. Portions of Jikes are derived from prior, freely distributable projects. For more details on this code, see the comments in src/double.h, src/platform.h, and src/unzip.h.



    Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.




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