xfilesel - interchange between file and X-Window selection.

The xfilesel program is used to copy the PRIMARY selection into a file and to copy a file contents to PRIMARY selection. It acts as a bridge between applications that support selections and console applications (for example with default Midnight Commander clipboard file ~/.cedit/cooledit.clip).

Download: http, ftp

The installation procedure is

    1) xmkmf
    2) make
    3) make install

usage:  xfilesel [-f name] [-selection name]
    -file name - path of clipboard file (default value: ~/.clipboard),
		 for example: -f /dev/tty1, -f /home/mc/.cedit/cooledit.clip
    -selection name - name of the selection to use. The default is PRIMARY. 

Based on XFree86 xcutsel program. Portions by Maxim Chirkov.