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xmbind (1)
  • >> xmbind (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
         xmbind - configures the  virtual  key  bindings  of  LessTif
         xmbind [-toolkitoption ...] FILE
         The xmbind application is a X Window System client that con-
         figures the virtual key bindings of LessTif applications. As
         every LessTif application loads either a set of  predefinied
         virtual  key  bindings or, if applicable, looks up the bind-
         ings in some well known places  (see  VirtualBindings(5x)  )
         you  need to use xmbind only when explicitly loading binding
         files or when you want to reset the bindings to  their  ini-
         tial values (after you have messed them up).
         If a file is specified, its contents are used as the virtual
         key  bindings.   If no file name is given, or the file can't
         be found, xmbind looks for the file .motifbind in the user's
         home  directory. If this all fails, xmbind loads the default
         virtual key bindings, as described in VirtualBindings(5x)
         The return code is zero, if the xmbind client succeeds, oth-
         erwise it is non-zero.
              Specifies the display to use.
              Displays a help summary and then exits.
              Outputs version  information  about  <b>xmbind</b>  and
              then exits.
         In addition, all the usual X toolkit options  may  be  used,
         although they seldom may be of any use.
         For a description of the VirtualBindings(5x) format of bind-
         ing files, refer to the man page of the VirtualBindings(5x)
         The xmbind client does not feature more bugs than any  other
         ISO  9000  quality software - but it is much cheaper.  Thus,
         the specific feature rate (that is bugs per  currency  unit)
         is very pleasant.
    Related Information
         VirtualBindings(5x) lesstif(1x)

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