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ppp (7)
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         ppp, ppp_diag, ipd, ipdptp,  ipdcm  -  STREAMS  modules  and
         drivers for the Point-to-Point Protocol
         ppp is a STREAMS module which implements the  Point to Point
         Protocol  ("PPP").    PPP  is a datalink protocol which pro-
         vides  a  method  for  transmitting  datagrams  over  serial
         point-to-point  links.  PPP allows for various options to be
         negotiated between the two hosts of a  point-to-point  link;
         these  options  provide  things such as peer authentication,
         header compression, link quality monitoring, and mapping  of
         control  characters. The PPP specifications are described in
         RFC 1331, The Point-to-Point Protocol for  the  Transmission
         of  Multi-protocol Datagrams over Point-to-Point Links   and
         RFC 1332, The PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP).
         The  pseudo  device  drivers  /dev/ipd,   /dev/ipdptp,   and
         /dev/ipdcm form the IP-dialup layer.  This layer provides IP
         network interfaces for dialup (connect on demand)  point-to-
         point  links.  The  ipd and ipdptp devices are the IP-dialup
         network interfaces.  The ipd  device  provides  a  point-to-
         multipoint  interface,  and  the  ipdptp  device  provides a
         point-to-point interface.   The  ipdcm  device  supplies  an
         interface  between  the  ipd  or  ipdptp  device  and a link
         The ppp module and IP-dialup layer work together to  provide
         IP  connectivity  over serial point-to-point links.  A "link
         manager" daemon is responsible for setting  up  and  tearing
         down  these dialup connections.  Connections are established
         when an IP packet needs to be sent to the  remote  host,  or
         the  remote host has indicated its desire to establish a PPP
         The ppp_diag module captures PPP layer  packets  and  parses
         the  contents  for  debugging purposes.  Usually, the parsed
         output is sent to the  strlog  facility  from  which  it  is
         retrieved  by  the  link  manager.   This  module  is pushed
         between the serial device and the ppp  module  by  the  link
         manager when debugging is enabled.
         When a packet  is  routed  to  an  IP-dialup  point-to-point
         interface  which  is  not  currently connected to the remote
         host, the ipdcm driver sends a message to the  link  manager
         to  establish  the connection. The link manager opens a com-
         munications channel and  pushes  the  ppp  module  onto  the
         corresponding serial device.  The ppp module negotiates with
         the remote host on which options will be used for the  link.
         When  both  hosts  have agreed on a set of options, the link
         manager links the ppp module and  serial  device  underneath
         the ipd or ipdptp interface which is providing the IP inter-
         face to the remote host.
         Similarly, a remote host may initiate  a  connection  on  an
         enabled  communications port.  In this case the link manager
         receives the request and pushes  the  ppp  module  onto  the
         corresponding  device.  Once the ppp module has successfully
         negotiated on the set of options for the link with its peer,
         the  link  manager  links  the  ppp module and serial device
         underneath the ipd or ipdptp interface  which  is  providing
         the IP-dialup interface.
         When the ppp module  and  serial  device  have  been  linked
         underneath  the IP-dialup interface, IP packets are sent and
         received over the point-to-point link in PPP frames.
               pseudo device  driver  that  provides  point-to-ipoint
               pseudo device driver that provides point-to-multipoint
               pseudo device driver that provides  interface  between
               ipd and ipdptp and link manager.
         See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-
        |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
        | Availability                | SUNWpppk                    |
         aspppd(1M), attributes(5)

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