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Mail (4)
  • Mail (1) ( FreeBSD man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • >> Mail (4) ( Solaris man: Специальные файлы /dev/* )
         Mail - compose or mail a document
         [file] Mail(in mediaType contents);
         [file] Mail([out|inout] mediaType contents
                     [in title docName]);
         The Mail request causes the handler to route a document to a
         destination  using  the  mail  message handling system.  The
         handler is responsible for finding  routing  information  in
         the document.
         When the contents argument is of mode in, the  handler  must
         deliver  the  document  as  is, without interacting with the
         When the contents argument is of  mode  inout  or  out,  the
         handler  must allow the user to compose or edit the document
         (and  any  embedded  routing  information)  before   it   is
         delivered.   If  the  handling  tool  supports  some form of
         intermediate ``save'' operation,  it  must  send  a  Deposit
         request back to the tool that initiated the Mail request.
         The contents argument is the contents of the  document.   If
         this  argument  is  unset  (in  other  words, has a value of
         (char *)0), then the contents of the  document  are  in  the
         file  named  in the message's file attribute.  The data type
         (mediaType) of  the  contents  argument  should  be  string,
         unless  nulls  are  valid  in the given media type, in which
         case the data type must be bytes.
         The docName argument contains the name of the document.   If
         the  docName  argument  is  absent and the file attribute is
         set, the file name is considered to  be  the  title  of  the
         document.   This  string  would be suitable for display in a
         window title bar, for example.
         The ttmedia_ptype_declare(3) function can be used to  regis-
         ter for, and help process, this message.
         This message can be sent with the ttmedia_load(3) function.
         The ToolTalk service may return one of the following  errors
         in processing the Mail request:
                  The file that was alleged to contain  the  document
                  does not exist.
                  The in-mode contents argument had no value and  the
                  file attribute of the message was not set.
                  The document is not a valid instance of  the  media
         ttmedia_ptype_declare(3), ttmedia_load(3); Intro, Edit

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