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Intro (5)
  • Intro (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • Intro (2) ( Solaris man: Системные вызовы )
  • Intro (3) ( Solaris man: Библиотечные вызовы )
  • Intro (4) ( Solaris man: Специальные файлы /dev/* )
  • >> Intro (5) ( Solaris man: Форматы файлов )
  • Intro (6) ( Solaris man: Игры )
  • Intro (7) ( Solaris man: Макропакеты и соглашения )
  • Intro (9) ( Solaris man: Ядро )


    Intro, intro - introduction to miscellany


    Among the topics presented in this section are:


    The POSIX (IEEE) Standards and the X/Open Specifications are described on the standards page.


    The user environment (environ), the subset of the user environment that depends on language and cultural conventions (locale), the large file compilation environment (lfcompile), and the transitional compilation environment (lfcompile64) are described.


    The macros to format Reference Manual pages (man and mansun) as well as other text format macros (me, mm, and ms) are described.


    Tables of character sets (ascii, charmap, eqnchar, and iconv), file format notation (formats), file name pattern matching (fnmatch), and regular expressions (regex and regexp) are presented.



    Sun Microsystems, Inc. gratefully acknowledges The Open Group for permission to reproduce portions of its copyrighted documentation. Original documentation from The Open Group can be obtained online at

    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and The Open Group, have given us permission to reprint portions of their documentation.

    In the following statement, the phrase ``this text'' refers to portions of the system documentation.

    Portions of this text are reprinted and reproduced in electronic form in the SunOS Reference Manual, from IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition, Standard for Information Technology -- Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX), The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6, Copyright (C) 2001-2004 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc and The Open Group. In the event of any discrepancy between these versions and the original IEEE and The Open Group Standard, the original IEEE and The Open Group Standard is the referee document. The original Standard can be obtained online at

    This notice shall appear on any product containing this material.




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